End Of An Era (Featuring Jason Rabinowitz)

Photographic Contribution 

I need nothing more than a coffee right now.  Whenever I think of coffee, I oddly think of the smell of coffee when I used to board the Northwest Airlines DC-9 on the many domestic locations I used to fly with (and to visit my family after the NY move) being based in Michigan at the time.  The cabin had a distinct smell.  One that I will not forget as long as I live.

The sounds were equally just as engraved in my mind as the smells - especially having been seated near the back of the plane.  It was any avgeek's dream to hear them thunder as one rolled down the pavement ready to set for the skies.  Not only that, when I think of Detroit Metro, I always think of the sounds of DC-9s  and -10s thundering parallel down the runways from inside the terminal (both before and after airport renovations.)

The greatest memories of the DC-9 was it being the first aircraft that I flew first class in.  (Thank you and love you, Dad!)  Most of all, it was the aircraft that took me on a one way trip from Lansing/Capital City to New York-JFK when I officially moved here in August of 2000.  

Not only was this week brutally bitter cold for most of everyone in the US, but also bitter-sweet.  While American Airlines launched operations for their newly state of the art Airbus A321T in order to fade out the aging Boeing 767-200s, (the new) Delta Airlines (to include the fine employees that came over from Northwest) gave the world the final commercial flight of the McDonnell-Douglas DC-9 as DAL 2014 (MSP-ATL).  *Please note that the DC-9 will continue PRN operations until the end of the month.

I connected on social media once with Jason Rabinowitz, Senior Contributor to airlinereporter.com and NYC Aviation about Michigan, Northwest Airlines, and the DC-9.  He shared a photo with me that could not stop the memories from pouring of the many times I flew from (MSP/LAN)-JFK via DTW on the 9er.

(See Jason's article from AirlineReporter.com as Delta Airlines and those in attendance give their farewell.)

With these words, we present to you 


January 10th, 2014

Photograph Copyright Jason Rabinowitz

Thank you, Jason, for your contribution.

Thank you to the DC-9 for the memories.

Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully it will be sweet with warmer weather and less bitter!


  1. Thank you so much for honoring our history. So sad to see another airline go and then another plane. The aviation world is certainly changing.

  2. Indeed it is, Karlene. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Hope you are having a great weekend thus far!


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