Miami Spotter

Late July of last year, I came across a photo that someone had shared on my Facebook timeline, to which to say the least, was quite eye catching.  It was quite magnificent, actually.  Not only was it one, it was several on a daily basis once I clicked the "Like" button on the origin profile page of these photos.  That profile page was named "Miami Spotter."  Ever since then, My Facebook timeline was rocked from thereafter with daily shots of the most awe inspiring aircraft to encompass the Miami / "SoFlo" (South Florida) airspace.

Not only that, this individual who is named "Miami Spotter" has painted everyone's timeline with these most vivid and crisp photos, has created a community now with over 4,000 likes and on the rise.

Because of the amazement of angle, precision, and technique that this photographer uses is truly not only visual art, but even more so true masterpieces.  With this, I had to ask this anonymous individual to wet our appetites by presenting us the  

January 17th, 2014

(all images below are ©Copyright "Miami Spotter")

Boeing 777-300ERs up-close and personal.....

as well as the Boeing 747-8i

Last but certainly not least,

A special thank you to Miami Spotter for allowing us to showcase these magnificent photos and help spread the word.  If you haven't followed them on Facebook already, please do so!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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