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Cleared For Takeoff

FRIDAY FOTOS for February 28th, 2014

I rest assure you, the book reviews will be coming quite soon. Stay tuned and keep checking this website.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sitting on the floor with my laptop placed on the coffee table, I was twiddling my thumbs at the screen goofing around online and half assed looking up aviation websites along with news. I had Twitter on one of the tabs. I had just created an account.  I had also just created a blog not knowing what to do with it.  Not an idea how to write the first post.  That was soon to change.
Maybe it was that I had all the time to spend with my father while mom was out doing errands and catching her breath as I had just come in from NY.  Due to his illness at the time, I knew his days were numbered and wanted to make sure I was there for him as much as possible being 600 miles away from home.  It was that day, that I was on Twitter which connected me to someone that brought only good memories as I read the Twitter profile and the blog profile of Karlene Petitt. What I saw just by first glance alone told my mind, "Press 'Follow' and connect."  I did.
After readi…

Magic Unexpected

One of my pastimes, and current times, is to partake of the Microsoft Flight Simulator experience at least once a year.  Despite the fact the slogan is, "as real as it gets" it is up to the pilot to make it that way by purchasing additional payware software to get that realism.
If you are like me, and go in it for the long haul, you could never be sure which will crash first 13 hours into a 14 hour operation - your airplane or your software / computer.  So... being that I am preparing my long-haul session next month with a substantial professional payware for Flight Simulator X, I decided to go in for a test run across the Atlantic last night.  Being that I wasn't expecting anything from this experience, it was actually one of the best simulations and experiences with the program that I had ever since I started Microsoft Flight Simulator in 1999.
What made this magic happen?  A PMDG Northwest Airlines 747-400.  The city pair was Seattle - Amsterdam.  Sometimes you have …


This week's Tuesday Tweeter is someone who I was pointed to by another special and amazing pilot in our aviation social network "family" and is a remarkable pilot with an immense wealth of knowledge.  Without further delay:

Our TUESDAY TWEETER for  18 February 2014

He can be found  on Twitter at @WFPALMER

Captain Palmer is not only a glider pilot, but also holds multiple type ratings for McDonnell Douglas (DC-10), Boeing, and Airbus.  He is also is currently an A330 Captain for a major international airline, long time instructor, check airman, and an A330 subject matter expert.  He has written training manuals for Northwest Airlines and the A330.  The list certainly doesn't stop there, either.
Last week, I received a copy of his book "Understanding Air France 447", which takes an in-depth look at one of the most tragic airline crashes in aviation history with one of the most state of the art fly-by-wire commercial transports: The Airbus Industri…

A Very Special Birthday

One could consider this a belated Friday Foto, but today is a very special birthday which warrants a very special photo.  Today is the birthday of an aircraft that millions of passengers have taken worldwide.  To some, it was the aircraft which took passengers into flight for the first time.  For others, it was the last time.  But no matter what, this aircraft has been a tremendous service to the aviation industry and the aircraft just keeps getting better, going higher, and flying longer.
So let's wish a very special birthday to
The Boeing 747

What are your greatest experiences and memories?


This week's Tuesday Tweeter isn't actually a person per say, (although there are caretakers of the Twitter feed), but is probably the most well known and photographed structures in the world.  Loads of tourists flock to New York City's 34th Street and 5th Avenue every day to photograph this boss architecture spanning 1,454 feet from the top of the antenna to the street.  Even the average New Yorker will be caught playing tourist every now and then, (in our case a lot), taking a snap or two.
One of the special traits of this building is that depending on the event, the lights at the top of the building are colored to reflect the holiday or event.  So, for those who aren't football savvy, The Empire State Building made it quite easy for those to keep up and to always know who is winning.  I will say, that the structure was lit up in navy blue and neon green for most of Sunday night.  Although, there was a peak of Navy blue and orange to detect that one small piece of Br…