A Very Special Birthday

One could consider this a belated Friday Foto, but today is a very special birthday which warrants a very special photo.  Today is the birthday of an aircraft that millions of passengers have taken worldwide.  To some, it was the aircraft which took passengers into flight for the first time.  For others, it was the last time.  But no matter what, this aircraft has been a tremendous service to the aviation industry and the aircraft just keeps getting better, going higher, and flying longer.

So let's wish a very special birthday to

The Boeing 747

What are your greatest experiences and memories?


  1. I did not know it was the 747's birthday. Have you read the book on Joe Sutter? A must! I will share my favorite experience...after I get through the next two weeks. Crunch time!

    1. Karlene, I haven't but after I finish reading the three I ordered already (Yours, Bill's, and Eric's) I will definitely put that on my reading list. And, I can not wait to hear about your favorite 747 experience! XOJ


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