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This week's Tuesday Tweeter isn't actually a person per say, (although there are caretakers of the Twitter feed), but is probably the most well known and photographed structures in the world.  Loads of tourists flock to New York City's 34th Street and 5th Avenue every day to photograph this boss architecture spanning 1,454 feet from the top of the antenna to the street.  Even the average New Yorker will be caught playing tourist every now and then, (in our case a lot), taking a snap or two.

One of the special traits of this building is that depending on the event, the lights at the top of the building are colored to reflect the holiday or event.  So, for those who aren't football savvy, The Empire State Building made it quite easy for those to keep up and to always know who is winning.  I will say, that the structure was lit up in navy blue and neon green for most of Sunday night.  Although, there was a peak of Navy blue and orange to detect that one small piece of Broncos action.  

Cruising 34th Street last night, around the time the Seahawks touched down at SeaTac Airport to helicopters and many fans awaiting to welcome their pride and joy home with applause, our landmark here in NY was still lit in that blue and neon green.

No matter which angle of the field you look at it...

And we have so many more shots to share..  
But for now, you can follow the Empire State Building here:


Congratulations to the 
SuperBowl 48 Champions:
!!! Seattle Seahawks !!!


  1. I love these photos. Such a great celebration for everyone! Next time we might have to go. :)

  2. Thank you so much Karlene! Yes, I haven't been up the EBS yet so I will be saving that moment for when we all go.. Congrats on the great news! Commenting now.. XO

  3. Oh...and I just followed the Empire State building!


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