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Sitting on the floor with my laptop placed on the coffee table, I was twiddling my thumbs at the screen goofing around online and half assed looking up aviation websites along with news. I had Twitter on one of the tabs. I had just created an account.  I had also just created a blog not knowing what to do with it.  Not an idea how to write the first post.  That was soon to change.

Maybe it was that I had all the time to spend with my father while mom was out doing errands and catching her breath as I had just come in from NY.  Due to his illness at the time, I knew his days were numbered and wanted to make sure I was there for him as much as possible being 600 miles away from home.  It was that day, that I was on Twitter which connected me to someone that brought only good memories as I read the Twitter profile and the blog profile of Karlene Petitt. What I saw just by first glance alone told my mind, "Press 'Follow' and connect."  I did.

After reading her profile, I was connected with her website.  One of the things mentioned in her bio formed an immediate connection on her profile that I hold near and dear and also explained it all while I was there sitting with dad. Northwest Airlines. (My dad was a platinum business flyer.)  Also stated was that she holds a type rate for the 747 to which she flew for Northwest with. The very aircraft and the very airline that took my soul off the ground for the first time. The connections between Karlene and myself for sure did not end there. The e-mails, and phone calls and the time she took out to connect now matter how busy her schedule was.  And what is most amazing, I am not the only person.  There are many people that connect with her.  That is one of the many attributes that makes her special.


It was her first novel and where our relationship took off. Upon completing Flight For Control, I was in disbelief that an author would write about certain events as if she knew what a reader such as myself was experiencing in life. A true sign of a great author.  The relationships (both romantic and friendships) I have had with others, a father who I lost and loved so much that I want to carry his life mission (in a positive way contrary to Bill's character in the book), a cat named "Princess", and caring for a group with special needs. The connecting flights certainly didn't stop there. 

Flight For Control had such an impact on me that, I couldn't put the book down.  Not once, twice, thrice, but it lead me to read it seven consecutive times.  

I love the novel so much, that I just had to share it with my friends and fellow pilots!

FFC LIVE NY 2012 with Karlene and members of  the New York Flight Club

Because of this, I had to contact her personally. The rest is history, the present, and the future. The present is what I will mention now because it is definitely a continuation of this gift that was given to me, to us, a couple of years ago. Without further delay, presenting our


February 25th 2014


  • International Transport Pilot for a Major World Carrier (Current: Airbus A330)

Type Rate:

  • 727, 737, 747, 747-400, 757, 767

  • A330

  • Acclaimed Author
  • Screenwriter
  • Artist
  • Master Degrees in Business and Human Services with a goal for the Ph.D in Aviation Safety
  • Devoted wife, mother, and grandmother.
  • Devoted to giving inspiration and motivation for not only the future of aviation, but future aviators, writers, and last but certainly not least the world at large.

Flight For Control definitely was a hit in many's eyes.  And her audience got this week what we've been waiting very patiently for to land on our front doorstep:


Karlene gives us a peak into how we re-enter the lives of Kathryn, Jackie, and Darby.  Asking Karlene what the link between the two books is, she states:

Flight For Safety is the second in a series!  Flight For Survival coming soon. 
Coastal Airlines merges with Global Air Lines. Bill is in jail and Kathryn leaves the NTSB and joins the FAA. Darby's new airline (Global) staples her to the bottom of the seniority list and she is bumped back to first officer on the A330 to be based in  Seattle to help Kathryn and Jackie with the kids. Jackie, now a single mother, gives up flying and becomes a training scheduler for the new airline. 

An A330 disappeared two years earlier, and they just pulled the black box from the ocean. The world learns the pilots did not know how to fly their plane. What Darby learns through a challenging year is why. 

What should should every pilot gain from this novel in application to flying?

While fiction, Fight For Safety will open every pilots eyes to the need of stick and rudder skills, and the growing problem with over-reliance upon automation. What Airbus pilots will learn is how to fly their plane under dyer circumstances without their automation. We  will go inside the flight deck and experience the unimaginable. I also hope that if anyone in airline management or the FAA read my novel, that they will rethink methodologies for future training needs. 

FLIGHT FOR SAFETY was also read and endorsed by ABC NEWS Aviation Analyst John Nance, Airways Magazine, two Captains from major international carriers, and a retired fighter pilot in the USAF and Ph.D student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

I must say, the impact which Flight For Control has made was powerful.  I wonder what Flight For Safety will bring?  It is up to us to do the mandatory pre-flight checklist:


You never know where social media and someone's soul will take you.  It for sure... will be the flight of a lifetime.  Cheers to you Karlene on another job well done and here's to another seven...




  1. Jeremy, THANK YOU so MUCH!!! And where is your book? Natan's book arrived. I'm so excited for you to read it. Feedback is trickling in from readers who are halfway through and loving it. So, excited for your thoughts.

    But back to the important stuff... people are connected in this world by interesting ways. And there are many lives running parallel. When the wind blows and they connect...that is what's special. I am so happy to have my life connected to yours, have you as a friend and I will always appreciate your support and the caring person you are. You give so much and it never goes unnoticed.

    Thank you!!

    Thank you!

    1. Karlene, as soon as I return back to base, it will be there! I am very happy his arrived and he was excited upon its arrival! I am glad the reviews are coming in and there will be many more awesome ones I am sure on both Amazon and individual websites. Hopefully for news and media sites also!

      Ahhh, thank you so much!! I am very glad we connected and those feelings are so mutual!! It is my absolute pleasure and I am here to help in any way possible!



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