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License To Learn

Happy Sunday, everyone!
I hope that you all are enjoying what is left of the weekend.  (In some parts of the world, it is seconds from being over - so I will wish you all a great week ahead!)
As I am currently heavily reviewing some training material that I am studying for Flight School in order to help prepare for FAA Exams, I wish to let you know that in the up and coming weeks I will be reviewing this material on this blog site.  Some of it will be some of the most basic and elementary skills of flying.  I will say, that even the most elementary stuff could make the difference between life and the other unmentionable option.  Every aspect of flying should be taken seriously at no matter what level - elementary or advanced ATP Theory.


With this in mind, I will share what an ELAL Boeing747 Captain once shared with I and other pilots at a local event out on Long Island a few months ago.  The topic being discussed was automation dependency.  Near the end of the discuss…

The Wheels On The Bus

Go round and round..
Friday Foto For  March 28th, 2014

Have a great weekend and safe flying/travels!

Life's Checklist

In aviation, there is a checklist for everything. If left unfollowed, safety is compromised and pilots on board are left with nothing but the risk of crashing the plane. 
There is an expression to be the "Captain of your life" - to make the executive decisions to make life run smooth and to avoid problems.

A couple of days ago, the following link was shared depicting a 30 step checklist to life. What is in this checklist is important and will ensure you the tools to keeping every aspect of it running smooth and the experience enjoyable  

The link:

We all need to stop and think what compromises and makes our lives unhappy. We must be the captain and take control of bad situations that bring our planes down. 
Some of the items in the checklist we refuse to accept but it is up to us to take control, accept them, and do something about them. 
By doing this, we are the Captains and ensure ourselves a positive attitude, rate of climb, and a safe f…

New Logo

Firstly, I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions, please email me at
The wave in the logo represents my father who was a sailor and a nautical captain. The wave also resembles both his initials "RC" and mine "JC" combined. (Albeit an awkward "J")
The year 2011 is when my father's memory took off and also when this website took off. 
To re-iterate, even though I am currently a "professional" (as my flight instructor named me) student pilot, I am working towards what my father was - a captain. He on water and I in the skies. 
Thank you to all of you who have supported our website and look forward to serving you with many great posts to come. 
Jeremy D. Carlisle Publisher

The Legacy (Featuring Jet Cruise Aviation)

Our FRIDAY FOTO for March 14th, 2014

Northwest.  An airline that left us a legacy. To this very day, pilots and crew from this legacy are still flying others continuing this legacy that keeps reflecting the airplane and the airline that made me say to myself once, "I want to become an international airline pilot."
This summer we're planning a special feature for Northwest Airlines.  If you flew for Northwest, were a flight attendant, agent, other crew member, or just a plane frequent WorldPerks flyer, and have any special memories you wish to share, please do not hesitate to reply below or send an e-mail.  Any of your photos or stories that you send over will be credited to you and featured in this tribute.  The more stories we get, the merrier!
In the mean time, head over to Instagram and follow @JetCruise for awesome photos and portraits.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Understanding Air France 447 by Bill Palmer

Cet article est un hommage et de mémoire des passagers à bord Air France vol 447.  Les âmes doivent les ailes d'anges pour nous aider dans la poursuite de rendre le ciel plus sûr .
This article is in memory of those souls which perished on board Air France 447.  May their souls grow the wings of angels which will help guide us in pursuit to make the skies safer.
Este artigo está na memória daquelas almas que morreram a bordo 447 da Air France. Que suas almas crescer as asas dos anjos que irá ajudar a guiar-nos em busca de fazer os céus mais seguros.

"Understanding Air France 447"
by  Bill Palmer


Looking into the eye's of the passenger profile photos of some of those on board after having read this book, I could never begin to understand what was going through their minds during their final thoughts and moments alive on aboard Air France flight 447.

A 26 year old doctor from Ireland, an 11 year old student from the United Kingdom, 29 year old Brazi…