Life's Checklist

In aviation, there is a checklist for everything. If left unfollowed, safety is compromised and pilots on board are left with nothing but the risk of crashing the plane. 

There is an expression to be the "Captain of your life" - to make the executive decisions to make life run smooth and to avoid problems.

A couple of days ago, the following link was shared depicting a 30 step checklist to life. What is in this checklist is important and will ensure you the tools to keeping every aspect of it running smooth and the experience enjoyable  

The link:

We all need to stop and think what compromises and makes our lives unhappy. We must be the captain and take control of bad situations that bring our planes down. 

Some of the items in the checklist we refuse to accept but it is up to us to take control, accept them, and do something about them. 

By doing this, we are the Captains and ensure ourselves a positive attitude, rate of climb, and a safe flight through the journey we call life.

You are the Captain Aboard your flight.  

Jeremy D. Carlisle


  1. Jeremy, I love this! Yes... we all are the captains of our lives. This is our journey and we need to fly through it with confidence and take control of all the situations that take us down. Keep that blue side up!

    1. Karlene, I am definitely trying to keep that blue side up. Tomorrow NYC is supposed to be cloudy and rain... Seattle like. But my head will be above those clouds thinking of sunshine and warmer weather. I hope your flying weather will be smooth sailing! Thanks for stopping by and have a great/safe trip!!


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