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Wednesday Survey

This question is for everyone (airline pilots, comm/genav pilots, aviation enthusiasts, or if you have no connection to aviation whatsoever..):
You're flying as an international Captain on a heavy jet based on the U.S. east coast with no ties to anyone - no family (except family such as parents) or anything. 
Your airline is on the verge of merge and you hear that there is a possibility of a major downgrade or worse - without a paycheck. But you are uncertain. 
Around the same time, another airline (new startup) far overseas has offered you an A320 Captain position with almost three times the pay and quite a few added benefits and perks. There is also a slight possibility for a promotion to assistant chief pilot at one of their start up bases. The keyword with this one is: new.  Meaning: the unknown is the future of that airline.

Which one would you choose?

Have a great day everyone!

Painting The Sky

Aviation and flying is an art. It's all about knowing what you are doing while enjoying it. Especially when you are able to look back and say... A job well done. 
Happy Monday!

The Physical Sense

FRIDAY FOTO for April 4th, 2014

I have fond memories of this plane.  00L and I developed a special relationship because this aircraft was where I really started to develop the "feel" of the airplane in every physical sense (to reflect on yesterday's post.)  I spent time in this airplane learning and practicing takeoffs, ground reference maneuvers, stall/spin recovery, and emergency landing procedures.
Not only did this aircraft produce such memories for myself, but also others flying with the Israeli New York Flight Club.  Sadly, 00L is no longer based with us at Farmingdale - Republic Airport, however, the memories will always be attached.  Not only are memories attached but I am attached to amazing pilots that I connect and fly with in the Israeli New York Flight Club.  And those connections keep coming.  
How do we connect?  Events such as the one we are having this weekend out on Long Island near JFK Airport.

Please join the Israeli New York Flight Club on Sunday, April…

Throwback Thursday


The logo for this site from way back when.  Back in the WordPress days and when a different website name and domain were present.  The visual above was a flight simulation I flew from Detroit to Shanghai-Pudong (DTW-PVG).  I loved my days on this program and still do whenever I get the chance to sit down and do a short or medium range simulation for fun.  There is one thing though, that this program could never re-produce, no matter how realistic the payware is, and no matter how sweet your set-up is in your own den or living room on that huge flat screen painted on your wall. That re-production is:

This "feel" is achieved through the following four basic flight maneuvers:
Straight & Level FlightTurnsClimbsDescents

It's one thing to make a turn or program the automation on the simulator to turn the plane for you, however, another to feel the effect of a pilot's sense of feel and ability to use the controls correctly when…

Happy Hump Day

The good sign of a hump day.. Preparing the week in for a nice and smooth landing...

Speaking of this weekend.. A special
ELAL Captain and Astro Physicist to speak out here on Long Island near JFK on Sunday April 6th, 2014. Please email if you're interested in joining us and/or further information.

Have a great day!
Safe takeoffs, blue skies, and landings!
Jeremy D. Carlisle


This week's Tuesday Tweeter is someone who I struck a few chords with upon discovering his follow in the notifications box.  Not only he is an aspiring airline pilot, but also a classical musician as a violinist and I as a cellist/bassist.  We also harmonized well with the fact that we both are Long Islanders that at one time transplanted to Jacksonville, Florida.  (Go JAX!)  Without further delay, please rosin your bows and meet our


What made his dream take off and help others who share his dream?
Ever since I started flying on Microsoft Flight Simulator back when I was about 7 years old, it has been my dream to become an airline pilot.  It’s great to be on the path to realizing this dream and to be helping others achieve their dreams as well.  Jacksonville University's partnership with Aerosim Flight Academy (formerly Delta Connection Academy) gives me the wonderful opportunity to train under an FAA-Approved P…