The Physical Sense

April 4th, 2014

I have fond memories of this plane.  00L and I developed a special relationship because this aircraft was where I really started to develop the "feel" of the airplane in every physical sense (to reflect on yesterday's post.)  I spent time in this airplane learning and practicing takeoffs, ground reference maneuvers, stall/spin recovery, and emergency landing procedures.

Not only did this aircraft produce such memories for myself, but also others flying with the Israeli New York Flight Club.  Sadly, 00L is no longer based with us at Farmingdale - Republic Airport, however, the memories will always be attached.  Not only are memories attached but I am attached to amazing pilots that I connect and fly with in the Israeli New York Flight Club.  And those connections keep coming.  

How do we connect?  Events such as the one we are having this weekend out on Long Island near JFK Airport.

Please join the Israeli New York Flight Club on Sunday, April 6th, 2014 at 3:00p.m. EST in welcoming Boeing 747 Captain Oved Dahari.  Captain Dahari holds a Ph.D in AstroPhysics and will be discussing various physical phenomena in aviation.  For more details, please e-mail or like the INYFC Facebook page.  And yes, coffee and cake will be served..

Hope you can join us and have a great weekend!

Safe takeoffs, blue skies, & landings!

Jeremy D. Carlisle


  1. Jeremy, too bad this event isn't occurring when I am there. I would love to join you all. Such a nice connection of your plane. Gorgeous photo, too.

    1. I know, Karlene!! I wish you could be here for this event. I will definitely give a report of it this up and coming week. And thank you so much.. Hope you are having a great weekend!


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