Wednesday Survey

This question is for everyone (airline pilots, comm/genav pilots, aviation enthusiasts, or if you have no connection to aviation whatsoever..):


You're flying as an international Captain on a heavy jet based on the U.S. east coast with no ties to anyone - no family (except family such as parents) or anything. 

Your airline is on the verge of merge and you hear that there is a possibility of a major downgrade or worse - without a paycheck. But you are uncertain. 

Around the same time, another airline (new startup) far overseas has offered you an A320 Captain position with almost three times the pay and quite a few added benefits and perks. There is also a slight possibility for a promotion to assistant chief pilot at one of their start up bases. The keyword with this one is: new.  Meaning: the unknown is the future of that airline. 

Which one would you choose? 

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Hi Jeremy, I think a lot has to do with speculation of what if. I would do the research and see what the possibilities are most probable for both. Some people do things based on security and safety. I'm more apt to do something based on challenge and adventure. I think the new position sounds great. I would, however, put them off and continue working until that start up got their act together, and the merger happened. Nothing in this life is for sure. And sometimes we make the wrong choices. But, if all fell apart, there will always be another job out there.
    Whatever decision I made, it would not be based on fear.

    1. Karlene, you are definitely right. The question remains, "What if?" There are so many things that could happen. I have come to learn that staying in place in one job gives me the sense of security as I know that if I were to move someplace else, there is always that "What if" On the other hand, it's always good to be adventuristic and take those chances because we never know what doors and possibilities will open for us. And I definitely like that any decision you made would not be based on fear. I need to adapt that philosophy. Thank you so much for your very thoughtful comment and hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Depends on which country, that country's economy/political situation, how the new start-up has been performing since its debut in the industry, who's the of that start-up CEO (his background and his market perspective), what are the critics regarding the new airline (like a survey or something, just to give you an idea), what type of airline the start-up is...

    Lots to consider...

    1. Alex, you are right. There is so much to consider. Your questions should always be asked by anyone looking to transfer to a start up. This could lead to critical information which leads one to decide whether or not to join in.

      I have come to learn that joining start ups are not necessarily greener on the other side. Many have taken years to develop into something which goes down and goes into merging with someone else, or worse, they have closed up shop.

      Thank you so much Alex for stopping by and your comment!

  3. Fly with Pan American - the new airline.

    1. Great idea, Joe! Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment. Have a great day!


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