Happy Summer

Happy summer to everyone.. I hope all of your plans are fun filled and taking flight. 

I must say that one thing both summer and winter possess are the fact that inclement weather pose with both snow and hot unstable air/thunderstorms. And we all know what how inclement weather poses on the aviation world. 

It's been nothing but rain in the NYC area here the past few days and along the coast of Lake Michigan.   But as pilots, don't let that stop us from keeping our heads above the clouds and looking into brighter skies. 

Will you be going to OSH14? or perhaps a camping trip with the family? Or maybe a road trip with a friend? 

Whatever your summer plans might be, I hope they are awesome and that you are enjoying the summer. 



  1. Happy Summer Jeremy. I hope you find the time to enjoy too and not work too hard. We're having a lot of sunny days in Seattle for you... one day you'll have to join us.


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