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FF: The World At Your Fingertips

OK, I must admit, I came back to Microsoft Flight Simulator after quite a long hiatus. I thought I was done with it until the payware add-on to Microsoft Flight Simulator, PMDG, finally released their newest product: the Boeing 777.  Their 747, which I have used for a while, was quite a hit, but the 777 proved to me to be absolutely stellar. After having used the Phoenix Simulations PSS 777 Professional for years, I have come to surmise that there is no comparison whatsoever between the two platforms and computer systems.
And yes, my virtual airline has made a nice return with this virtual 777 fleet willing to travel to many long haul charter destinations. The possibilities are endless when you are your own scheduler and don't have to leave your own home. Last night, I had one of my best simulation experiences to date. The city pair : New York JFK to Paris CDG. I always enjoy this city pair as Air France introduced me to the real life Boeing 777 experience in May of 2006. As a pi…

Barbara Harmer

March of 1993.  A young, dignified woman stood before a thriving airline ready to take on a new challenge, ready to make history.  True, she did leave school early, however, it would be her first long-haul flight: from hair dresser to one of the world's most elite pilots.  She was ready to rise to the challenge and head on: to be the world’s first female pilot for the SST Concorde.

One must take a look into the history of Barbara Harmer to learn what a remarkable individual she was.  It was to my unpleasant surprise to learn two weeks ago just that she had succumbed to cancer at fifty-seven.  Even though it is a very young age, one must take a look at all of her accomplishments.  By doing so, it will not take much to assess how much of an impact she has made in the commercial aviation industry.
Born on 14 September 1953 in Loughton, Essex, she grew up in Bognor Regis, a seaside resort on the south coast of the United Kingdom.  She attended a convent school until the age of 15 until …


YES!  It's August 19th, which only means one thing: it's

National Aviation Day (US) was established in 1939 by former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt to commemorate the birthday of Orville Wright.  Mr. Wright was still alive when this proclamation was issued and codified as (USC 36:I:A:1:118)
This day should not only be a federal holiday in the United States, but also a worldwide celebration of what the Wright brothers have brought to the world.  The freedom to travel anywhere for a record number of hours.  The science, the technology, and the industry.  
Words can only go so far, so I will leave you with a bit of photo journalism which was shot near JFK yesterday.

How will you be celebrating your Aviation Day?  Flying, hopefully!

Natan Hoffmann

Reflecting back to a day at work a few years ago, I was speaking casually with one of my colleagues, who mentioned in passing that he was in touch with a local Jewish high school student at the time who was interested in becoming a pilot. I couldn't help to think of my interest in speaking with this student as I was always was looking to connect with fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts with similar backgrounds at the time.  
Many months passed and I didn't hear from this individual who had since graduated from high school, until one March evening when I was checking my Facebook, and to my surprise, noticed a new friend request from a young gentleman standing beside a 172 sporting four bars.  The next thing I knew, we spent about over two hours on the phone that evening discussing our stories and love of aviation and how we came to being who we are.  Then came the meet ups at the library or for spotting at North Woodmere Park in Long Island.  A month later, I was sitting insi…

Week In Review

I hope your week was productive and successful.  Here are some personal highlights from this week, and yes, it was spent with some awesome pilots and awesome times:

Sunday, August 3rd: Met with my good friend and pilot Karlene Petitt - Author of the aviation mystery/thrillers "Flight For Control" and "Flight For Safety"  We had an awesome lunch and walkabout through the streets of NYC.  We met some interesting people en route.  Please stay tuned to her blog as she will be elaborating on this a bit more.  It was truly great to see her once again.

Monday, August 4th: My friends from Cork, Ireland got married!!  A hearty congratulations and cheers to my friends Eoin O'Callaghan (PPL) and Siobhan Oliver (now Mr. & Mrs. O'Callaghan)!  You should have a life together filled with many blessings and great times and can't wait for my next visit to give you these wishes personally.  

Monday, August 4th: My student got a job!!!

Thursday, August 7th:Celebrating my …