FF: The World At Your Fingertips

OK, I must admit, I came back to Microsoft Flight Simulator after quite a long hiatus. I thought I was done with it until the payware add-on to Microsoft Flight Simulator, PMDG, finally released their newest product: the Boeing 777.  Their 747, which I have used for a while, was quite a hit, but the 777 proved to me to be absolutely stellar. After having used the Phoenix Simulations PSS 777 Professional for years, I have come to surmise that there is no comparison whatsoever between the two platforms and computer systems.

And yes, my virtual airline has made a nice return with this virtual 777 fleet willing to travel to many long haul charter destinations. The possibilities are endless when you are your own scheduler and don't have to leave your own home.
Last night, I had one of my best simulation experiences to date. The city pair : New York JFK to Paris CDG. I always enjoy this city pair as Air France introduced me to the real life Boeing 777 experience in May of 2006. As a pilot and avgeek, it was an experience I will never forget for the rest of my life and beyond.  There is something about hearing and feeling the start up and power  up of two GE-90 powerplants that gets the adrenaline going.

What makes the PMDG 777 so grand is that it is tremendously realistic. It is a Level D simulator without leaving your home less alone your PC laptop. Or for those realists, the three computer set up with several wide, flat screen TVs, less alone, advanced controls setup.

I plan on writing a full product review on the PMDG 777 at a later date, however, I will present to you some screen shots as this week's:

AUGUST 22ND  2014

Initial vectors out of Grand Rapids for Amsterdam - Thanks to business premier class.
This city pair will be transferring over to an A330 simulation next year.


Everyone has their favorite intersection...

Bienvenue à Paris - Welcome to Paris!

Final for Paris CDG 09L

During the flight sim, I could not help to remember and commemorate the souls who didn't make it to Paris, Beijing, nor Amsterdam, not to mention other destinations.  We must always remember them... Next week we'll expand more on that. 

But for now... After all, the all nighter last night, I rest assure you I will be getting my due rest tonight and all day Saturday.  Saturday night will be the return flight to JFK from Paris, then headed out Farmingdale, Long Island, to my base airport (Republic-KFRG) for some real life flying along the East Coast on Sunday.  My next project, which I have been researching, is to find the most suitable A330 payware - to discover a whole new world of flying with the Airbus.

No matter where we go as pilots both in the real or virtual world, no matter which aircraft, we always have the world at our fingertips.

What are your favorite simulator add-ons?  Any favorite airport/scenery add-ons?
I hope you all have a relaxing, peaceful, and enjoying weekend!



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