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A passenger seated on a Northwest A330 outbound from Amsterdam was looking at the flight map on the P-IFE screen thinking, "Where the hell are we going?" as the plane started to make it's flight path back to AMS.  A good friend of mine was making his morning commute into work at the Attorney General's Office downtown Manhattan for another day on the job.  

NYC, the city that never sleeps, never stands still, stood still on pause to horrifically watch two commercial airliners smash into the Twin Towers, the mega financial centers of the city on the bright and sunny morning of September 11th, 2001.  Someone on the train started to speak in concern of massive amounts of smoke arising above the Manhattan skyline visible near JFK Airport and Jamaica Bay.  Moments later, my friend and everyone on board that Manhattan bound train, and on that Northwest A330 bound for America, learned of what had happened.  Disbelief echoed at many locations on the globe both on land and air at how any human life would do such a thing to another human being by using by means of the commercial aviation industry.

I had been living in NYC for one year and one month during the Islamic terrorist attacks.  I slept in that morning as I was working 2nd shift at the time.  I woke up to an awkward dream which ended with the sound of a gunshot so vivid that I thought one had gone off right at my front door and woke me up startled.  Upon my abrupt awakening that morning, I logged onto my AOL account and the welcome screen showed me something ever so unwelcoming.  I was also in disbelief saying to myself, "What kind of movie did Hollywood come up with now?"  Then came the Michigan phone call from mom and dad who was ever so relieved to hear my voice.  Alive.

Later on that day, people worldwide, myself included were superglued to the television sets.  The images were horrific.  People jumping out of the massive skyscrapers.  The impact of the second plane.  It was unbelieveable.  

It was thirteen years ago today, however, it feels like it was just yesterday.  The day that New York City truly stopped its hustle and bustle and strangers hugged each other for the first time.  The NYPD and Fire Dept. were embraced for their efforts in saving lives.  Even though it was a tragic day, it was also a day that solidified our pride not only as New Yorkers but as Americans.  We vowed that this will never happen again....  This was the wake up call that the world would never be the same again here in America as we were and are gaining some most un-welcomed "visitors."

A month later after it soaked in, I took the train into the city and went down to ground zero myself to solidify the news. 

What I saw and the smells I took in were none like I had ever experienced.  It was a huge grave yard.  It was then that I realized that Islamic terrorists in this world fear nothing - not even death.  The size of the massive graveyard left in downtown Manhattan will never compare to the size of fear that the now dead Islamic terrorists are facing before God for eternity in the next world for what they have done to so many innocent people.  This might be a bold statement for me to make, however, this is the thought that keeps me going and knowing that there is hope in the world and that I, along with many other moral and ethical people on a humanistic level, are doing what we can to help perfect the very world in every positive level to which we inhabit.  

Although "freedom" does start out with the word "free"  - it is anything but that.  Freedom must be earned.  9-11 is a testament of this fact due to many whose lives were taken away ever so prematurely from us.  We must do everything we can to prevent this from happening again.  That is, to go beyond politics and what the media is informing the public and to do the right thing.  We were all created human beings for a reason - to use our brains to discern right from wrong and to defend the honor of human life - to which the persons responsible have no regard for, and do not fear anything in this world.  Not even death.

Like I said before, 9-11 was, is, and forever will be our initial wake up call.  A wake up call to take a stand against the evil forces against humanity that have taken on a human form and promote freedom, promote human rights, and to promote rights to establish democratic governments in the West, Middle East, and The Far East alike - on all four corners of the globe.  Communities must come together and work together.  A group of something bound together makes much stronger than a single bunch of somethings which are spread out roaming freely without a trace.  Unfortunately this wake up call does not have a snooze button.

Many media sources may lead us to believe that Al-Qaeda is not as strong as it once was, especially at the time of 9/11 being that Bin Laden is history, but make no mistake - it has linked with Hamas and taken on new and more deadly forms such as: ISIS, ISIL, not to mention other countless networks which are growing at rapid rates which have spread into many countries around the globe.

The time is now.  
Take action.  Support the United States Armed Forces and Global Armies that support Freedom and Democracy.  For Freedom.  For prosperity.

Most of all for 
the souls we remember this day.


  1. Jeremy, this is so beautiful. That day changed our world. Perhaps it woke us all up. But I am looking forward to a world where we all live in peace. Maybe not in my lifetime... but most definitely in my life. Many hugs and memories for those lives lost.
    XOX Karlene


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