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Air and water.  Two of the Earth's most natural elements which bring on the most adrenaline in human life while sustaining it at the same time.

In aviation, pilots, crew, and passengers alike fly in aircraft which ride the air "waves" in the sky. The aviation term "cloud surfing" comes to mind, which an aircraft coasts the tops of clouds in a most magnificent manner creating a most spectacular visual.  The sight of this from an aircraft, especially from the flight deck is amazing.  The feeling is amazing.  For those of us who have witnessed such a sight, we wish that every human life on Earth could partake of this truly incredible experience.

Like aircraft over the waves of air, are surfboards over the waves of water which is also an adrenaline rush.

My colleague and good friend Michael Urra once shared and always continues to share his everlasting similar passion which takes to the other element: water - surfing.  Little did I know about how far his passion for surfing went when I learned about how he and others invest many hours of time out of their busy schedules in order to use their passion to give to others.  

That is the quintessential being of the 

A Flying Organization....

"Re-Surf Project is a flying organization", said Oran Bendelstein, co-founder along with Michael Urra, of the 501c(3) non-profit organization at the special pre-briefing, the previous Thursday to last week's Surf-A-Thon event, in Long Beach, Long Island, NY. 

This organization takes old and battered surf boards, refurbish them, and add that finishing touch - a special paint job by a professional graffiti artist and donate them to underprivileged youth.  Not only this, but also to set up surfing centers all over the world to mentor and teach surfing.  To share this passion for being "stoked" - a term that flew around like wildfire during last Sunday's event, to which I am proud to say that I gladly accepted the invitation and invested my Labor Day weekend to help out at as a volunteer.

The event itself - which drew in crowds from all over to learn and partake in the many activities which took place from free surf lessons to Zoomba dancing with the best DJ with some of the most awesome music which truly drew a crowd of participation from all over.

Arts and Crafts, Surf board reparation demonstration as well as a surfboard paint demonstration by a professional graffiti artist on site given away as a contest prize at the conclusion of the event. 

Finished Product

What would a Surf-A-Thon be without a Tug-Of-War?

On behalf of of everyone at The Re-Surf Project, a huge thank you goes out to all of the people who came out to Long Beach to volunteer time to the Surf-A-Thon.  Thanks to you it was a huge success and look forward to many future events.

How can you be apart of this?


  • Visit their website to learn more and to make a donation.  If you like visuals, 
  • Check out the trailer and their movie.

Take it to the next flight level:

Get stoked.

Spread the Passion.


  1. When I took my first surfing lesson and was having trouble getting up, the instructor asked what I did for a living. When I told him I was a pilot, he said the board was just a wing. Thanks for sharing this inspiring event.


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