Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII

Sports fan or not, there is nothing more exciting than having a major event come to town. Walking the streets of midtown Manahattan last night at 3am as crews were diligently constructing what is known as "SuperBowl Boulevard", a major strip that looks like more than just the state fair. Rides and activities for everyone to bring in the spirit of linking cities together and bringing a sense of the metro NYC pride. What was most amazing was the seven foot toboggan ride spanning Broadway near Times Square. 

Fans from both teams flew in to see the events which are about to take place this weekend.  Having good friends in both Denver and Seattle, I wish you were all here to see it. 

So to begin your senses of what is going on here, I wish to present to you our

January 31st, 2014


And Seattle already just scored one touchdown. 
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nancy-Bird Walton

This weekend, many Australians world-wide are celebrating the annual, national holiday "Australia Day."  A day of national pride and accomplishment.  There is nothing more than to remember one of the most vital facets of Australia, being that it is its own nation, continent, and island deep rooted in the southern hemisphere.  This facet is air travel.  It is necessary because of its location and has made an impact on the world at large.

Out of all the Australian aviators I could ever think of, besides Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith, it was his pupil, legendary Australian aviatrix Nancy-Bird Walton.

With the fact that she was the first woman in Australia to acquire a commercial license, the founder of the Australian Women Pilots' Association; a long history could be written on this legend. I will let the following video featuring her to do the talking.  (No one better to tell the legacy than her voice - right?)

QANTAS Airways, LTD., announced on her 90th birthday that they would name the launch Airbus Industrie A380-800 aircraft in her name.  The ceremony below was recorded shortly before her passing.

(link provided if embedded video fails to launch)

She is not only an icon for Australian Aviation but for the world.  It was only proper to dedicate such an amazing aircraft that will keep her name and legacy soaring the skies for many years to come.

For all of our Australian subscribers and followers, wishing you a 

Keep soaring higher and higher.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Miami Spotter

Late July of last year, I came across a photo that someone had shared on my Facebook timeline, to which to say the least, was quite eye catching.  It was quite magnificent, actually.  Not only was it one, it was several on a daily basis once I clicked the "Like" button on the origin profile page of these photos.  That profile page was named "Miami Spotter."  Ever since then, My Facebook timeline was rocked from thereafter with daily shots of the most awe inspiring aircraft to encompass the Miami / "SoFlo" (South Florida) airspace.

Not only that, this individual who is named "Miami Spotter" has painted everyone's timeline with these most vivid and crisp photos, has created a community now with over 4,000 likes and on the rise.

Because of the amazement of angle, precision, and technique that this photographer uses is truly not only visual art, but even more so true masterpieces.  With this, I had to ask this anonymous individual to wet our appetites by presenting us the  

January 17th, 2014

(all images below are ©Copyright "Miami Spotter")

Boeing 777-300ERs up-close and personal.....

as well as the Boeing 747-8i

Last but certainly not least,

A special thank you to Miami Spotter for allowing us to showcase these magnificent photos and help spread the word.  If you haven't followed them on Facebook already, please do so!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014



The world's fourth busiest airport, second largest in the United States, largest airport in Texas, the mega-hub for American Airlines and not to mention UPS, Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport is a testament of how fast the aviation world can grow within a short period of time.  This aviation city in itself is spanned across four areas in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area: Coppell, Euless, Grapevine, and Irving.  If this isn't enough, because of its location in the deep midwest, weather poses a challenge especially the spring and summer months for pilots, crew, and passengers alike.

Before it's time, both Dallas and Fort Worth were looking to build airports however, the twin cities did not want to join forces.  As a result, both Dallas-Love Field and Meacham Field came into existence.  During World War II, both American Airlines and Braniff Airways wanted to strike a deal with the city of Arlington, TX, but still the twin cities did not want to jet with this idea.  It wasn't until after the war, that Ft. Worth took over the joint plot and named it Amon Carter Field, to which all of the flights going in and out of Ft. Worth-Meachem Field were transferred into this new location in 1953.

Dallas-Love Field was becoming congested beyond means and in 1961 the FAA was extremely reluctant at the seems to invest funds for two separate Dallas and Ft. Worth airports.  The federal order came in 1974 that the two cities had to pick a site for this megaplex to be born and history was written.

Yesterday, this final product, Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport celebrated its 40th birthday and as a result, we welcome this aviation megaplex as our 

January 14th, 2014

Please follow them and wish them a Happy Birthday!  Also do not forget to hashtag #DFW40

You can also your flight status, airport information, 
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Friday, January 10, 2014

End Of An Era (Featuring Jason Rabinowitz)

Photographic Contribution 

I need nothing more than a coffee right now.  Whenever I think of coffee, I oddly think of the smell of coffee when I used to board the Northwest Airlines DC-9 on the many domestic locations I used to fly with (and to visit my family after the NY move) being based in Michigan at the time.  The cabin had a distinct smell.  One that I will not forget as long as I live.

The sounds were equally just as engraved in my mind as the smells - especially having been seated near the back of the plane.  It was any avgeek's dream to hear them thunder as one rolled down the pavement ready to set for the skies.  Not only that, when I think of Detroit Metro, I always think of the sounds of DC-9s  and -10s thundering parallel down the runways from inside the terminal (both before and after airport renovations.)

The greatest memories of the DC-9 was it being the first aircraft that I flew first class in.  (Thank you and love you, Dad!)  Most of all, it was the aircraft that took me on a one way trip from Lansing/Capital City to New York-JFK when I officially moved here in August of 2000.  

Not only was this week brutally bitter cold for most of everyone in the US, but also bitter-sweet.  While American Airlines launched operations for their newly state of the art Airbus A321T in order to fade out the aging Boeing 767-200s, (the new) Delta Airlines (to include the fine employees that came over from Northwest) gave the world the final commercial flight of the McDonnell-Douglas DC-9 as DAL 2014 (MSP-ATL).  *Please note that the DC-9 will continue PRN operations until the end of the month.

I connected on social media once with Jason Rabinowitz, Senior Contributor to and NYC Aviation about Michigan, Northwest Airlines, and the DC-9.  He shared a photo with me that could not stop the memories from pouring of the many times I flew from (MSP/LAN)-JFK via DTW on the 9er.

(See Jason's article from as Delta Airlines and those in attendance give their farewell.)

With these words, we present to you 


January 10th, 2014

Photograph Copyright Jason Rabinowitz

Thank you, Jason, for your contribution.

Thank you to the DC-9 for the memories.

Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully it will be sweet with warmer weather and less bitter!