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It's been a month, a little over even, and my office still hasn't arrived into Grand Rapids from NYC.  It's a good thing that my office window and desk both face the street, as I am able to keep a look out for the first sight of a mini-semi.  I guess waiting another five minutes wouldn't be the end of the world?  Oh wait, that was five minutes ago..  While the name of the moving company will remain nameless for now, I will say that I am glad the weekend is coming and looking forward to that glass of wine or two and an early bed time - with NYC officially behind me.

The end of a week and the end of a chapter in my life.  Ready to start anew with new challenges.  Life is about writing chapters, especially when your goal in life is to be the Captain Aboard it.  Yes, to be the Captain of your life.  Karlene Petitt, author of aviation thrillers "Flight For Control" and "Flight For Safety" just published and released her new motivational book, "Fligh…

The Almighty Question

In aviation, questions can mean the difference between life and death.  We, as pilots, ask questions to clarify, organize, and/or verify important information about a flight whether it be the weather, aircraft systems operations, performance, or asking the tower to repeat or verify an instruction.  In aviation, there also is no room for embarrassment for being afraid to ask a question or speak up about something - no matter if you are a student pilot, or any rank within a commercial airliner.  Most of the time, people do not ask questions out of fear.  This is a habit that must be eliminated.  Also, not asking questions, even if one is interested, yet still afraid to ask, shows flight instructors regardless that their students are dis-interested.  We are pilots.  Aviation is our passion.  We care about it and wish to spread our passion.  My question is: Shouldn't we be so interested in whatever we are being taught that we would always be asking questions?  Well, yes, we do ask q…

Wednesday Wellness

"You are what you eat.  You feel what you think.  You do what you want."
Some personal life lessons, I'd like to share:
Don't live to eat.  Eat to live.Exercise on a regular basis.Life's journey is a non-smoking flight at all times.  If most smokers knew which ingredients were packed into the very cigarettes which are inhaled into the lungs, they would think twice about smoking poisonous, chemical bombarded nicotine more than we give them credit for.  As I was writing this post, I was informed that one of the ingredients in some cigarettes is Formaldehyde (i.e., the fluid that funeral homes embalm bodies with before showing them to families,)  If that wasn't something to make me think twice, I don't know what would have.  If you are looking to quit, e-mail: for support and encouragement.Find out which foods your body is craving.  Sometimes you could have strange cravings for strange food combinations.  You could have a vitamin/mine…

Freedom To Fly

Today is President's Day and over this nice long bitter-cold weekend, I had time to warm up and catch up on some reading which has been way, way, way, over due.  The good thing about catching up on reading is the fact that it means only one thing: get to the computer to write or video record book reviews!
So to give you a preview of which books I will be reviewing...

Karlene Petitt


"the PILOT factor"
Jean-Denis Marcellin

 Stay tuned for now, and reflect the facts that, besides one's political views, how grateful we are to have people who dedicate their lives to protecting the United States of America and for what this country stands for.  (Not to mention what a beautiful residence these leaders get to fly in.)  It's all about: Freedom.  Liberty, and justice for all.

Fly Safe!

Love Is In The Air..

Valentine's Day...
Some people love it, some hate it.  A love-hate relationship.
I grew up observing Valentine's day in elementary school, but once I reached Jr. High and 'til this very present day, the day just seems like every other ordinary day - except I still carry around the message of the day, everyday: to love others just as you love yourself
Even though a day was designated for this eons ago and still observed by many - single or not, I still make mention of this day.  Not only mention it, but to share some photos related to the weekend as I do on Fridays.

February 13th, 2015


Home is where the heart is....


There is a Winter Storm Warning issued for the Lake Michigan area until tomorrow, so I will need something keep me company while I am inside nestled by the nice smelling aromas of a warm house lit with scented candles... I just received my copy of Karlene Petitt's book, "Flight To Success: Be The Cap…

The Decision

A habit that is totally mental.  A mental habit that has a physical impact which has led many people to the most undesired and lethal health effects.  I started in my late 20s and smoked off an on.  Mostly for social reasons.  However, after I moved to NYC, and as of a year ago, I started to smoke cigarettes "full time."  My reasons went beyond social.  Smoking became an outlet for stress relief.  My mind has been deceitful in to making me think that smoking would calm me down from stressful situations.  It would give me an outlet to to socialize, de-stress, and replace other bad habits in my life.  Now that I have changed scenes, I decided that I needed a change in my life.  This had to be it.
Now that I have been presented with all of the facts of cigarette ingredients, how deceitful it has played with my mind, not to mention the aftermath of what cigarette smoking has done to both my mind and body, I have decided to quit. 
Smoking did not decrease s…

We've Been Cleared!


"Impossible is NOT a word.
It's just a reason for someone NOT to try."

I came across this quote on Instagram yesterday and and it struck a chord with me.  Reflecting on certain situations that have happened not only with myself, but other people, I have come to realize the truth to the quote above.
We may have situations in our life along with goals and ambitions, that we think that would be impossible to accomplish.  Events fall into place which make it difficult to accomplish dreams.
Two aviation quotes come to mind to supplement the main quote above...
"A mile of highway will only take you a mile.. A mile of runway will take you anywhere!"

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that an airplane takes off against the wind, not with it." -Henry Ford

When we have the dream to line up our lives for take off, we must be prepared for everything to go against us.. Even if events and the timing of them, see…