Freedom To Fly

Today is President's Day and over this nice long bitter-cold weekend, I had time to warm up and catch up on some reading which has been way, way, way, over due.  The good thing about catching up on reading is the fact that it means only one thing: get to the computer to write or video record book reviews!

So to give you a preview of which books I will be reviewing...

Karlene Petitt


"the PILOT factor"
Jean-Denis Marcellin

 Stay tuned for now, and reflect the facts that, besides one's political views, how grateful we are to have people who dedicate their lives to protecting the United States of America and for what this country stands for.  (Not to mention what a beautiful residence these leaders get to fly in.)  It's all about: Freedom.  Liberty, and justice for all.

Fly Safe!


  1. Thank you Jeremy!!! And the two are connected too. :)
    Happy President's day!!

    1. You're very welcome, Karlene... Indeed, they are! You too! Especially since I see that Seattle is almost 50 degrees warmer than it is here!


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