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It's been a month, a little over even, and my office still hasn't arrived into Grand Rapids from NYC.  It's a good thing that my office window and desk both face the street, as I am able to keep a look out for the first sight of a mini-semi.  I guess waiting another five minutes wouldn't be the end of the world?  Oh wait, that was five minutes ago..  While the name of the moving company will remain nameless for now, I will say that I am glad the weekend is coming and looking forward to that glass of wine or two and an early bed time - with NYC officially behind me.

The end of a week and the end of a chapter in my life.  Ready to start anew with new challenges.  Life is about writing chapters, especially when your goal in life is to be the Captain Aboard it.  Yes, to be the Captain of your life.  Karlene Petitt, author of aviation thrillers "Flight For Control" and "Flight For Safety" just published and released her new motivational book, "Flight To Success: Be The Captain Of Your Life"  The stories out of that book were all about writing life's chapters, overcoming obstacles, and soaring your life to success - as a Captain, The Captain.  You don't have to be a pilot to be the Captain.  She explains why.  Buy it.  Read it.  Leave your review on Amazon. will be doing a complete review of the book this up and coming week.  Stay tuned!

As for now..


This week, I wrote about the importance of health, taking care of ourselves, and getting adequate rest and relaxation time.  This is not only how we function as pilots, but also as human beings.  This recipe is so that our brains can function in the time when we need them the most, especially when situations occur both in the air and on the ground.  If we do not follow this pre-flight checklist, we will have the recipe for disaster.  Always remember that our flights, are NON-SMOKING.

I also wrote about speaking up and asking questions, not only for pilots in training, but for any pilot no matter what rank, no matter which rating, no matter which airline.  Speak up, it is our mission to make the skies safer and the industry better.  IMHO, there is no right or wrong question.  How specific and to the point in order to get the information you need in a timely manner is key to saving both time and money.  It also helps the pilot prepare for exams and check rides/line checks.  Most of all, they save lives.

What would a Friday be without a "Foto"?

And not only is it a "foto", but also very common, simple, quick, and easy recipe with an added fresh and healthy ingredient:

"Kale Guac"

(Ingredient portions may vary to your liking or guest/party size, below the portions below usually serve two people):
  • Two avocados skinned and chopped, or mashed
  • One tomato, finely chopped
  • Fresh kale, 1-1.5 cups, finely chopped
  • Olive Oil, 2 tsp.
  • Fresh Lemon Juice, 2 tsp.

Add skinned pitless avocados into bowl along with chopped tomato.  Add the two cups of finely chopped kale.  Mix or mash depending on the consistency in which you prefer.  Add the teaspoon of lemon juice along with the two teaspoons of olive oil.  To finalize, add a pinch of salt and/or pepper to taste.  Garnish with one or two leaves of fresh kale or any garnish/spice of your choosing.

This makes for an awesome burger topping, can also be served best with fresh multi-grain bread as a vegetarian/vegan sandwich or chip dip option, and best accompanied with your favorite beer or adult beverage to kick the weekend off to a great start.

Great book, great dish to eat while reading, and a great take off for a great weekend!


  1. Thank you for the shout Jeremy! And yes...Health is so important. I believe that too. And now I'm hungry looking at the photo. Yummy!!! Have a great weekend!!!

    1. I knew you'd be hungry, Karlene!! There is much more where this comes from! You too, only success and happiness...


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