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Aviation Safety Month

The month of March itself is the first sign of spring.  The weather gets warmer in some places, (well, at least a little), and we are constantly reminded of the first blossoms.  The sign of life.  To many, like myself, flying is life.
Sometimes we don't know, or understand why, so many souls leave the Earth too soon, due to an aviation tragedy.  All we can do all we can is investigate to understand why, or through which they were taken from us ever so soon.  That is why I wish for my blog to designate an important topic to the aviation world to have a month to discuss what can be done not only to improve the safety of the skies, but to pay hommage to the many people that we've lost due to every aviation tragedy thus far.
We are blessed with many experienced and veteran commercial airline pilots all over this world who dedicate their careers and their whole lives to work toward this goal.  Not only to work toward this goal, but to pay tribute to the lives we've lost and t…

Ford International Airport

Gerald R. Ford International Airport
Grand Rapids, Michigan

For the first time in weeks, I had a chance to get out of the snow clobbered streets of my new home in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The month of February wasn't easy, less alone an enjoyable one, for the eastern half of the U.S. with the uncooperative and unforgiving weather, but the weather is starting to pay off and make up for the most difficult travel experience for many, and my relocation experience from NYC to West Michigan.


What would a pilot do on a beautiful day with the highs in the 40s (F), clear blue skies, with melting snow, such as today?  

Head to the airport!

I took this time today to head over to the gateway to the Midwest, if not, the world, like I do on many occaisions when I fly to the offices of Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR / KGRR) to say a quick, "hello!"

Named after the 38th President of the United States who was raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan area, Ford Interna…

Monday Mention: Women In Aviation

This week, we commemorate and celebrate those women who have taken their dreams to the skies.  Not only have they taken their dreams with them, they have also inspired other young women to line up and take off their dreams.  The truth is, we need more women in aviation and I personally do everything that I can to advertise and encourage this.  When I think of Women in Aviation, several women come to mind and would love to share, or mention, on this Monday, as they always not only took their dreams off, but have also encouraged, other women to do the same.  They also happen to be aviation authors.
Syd Blue Syd came to mind today as I was formulating my thoughts about this week - Women In Aviation.  I ran into Syd online a while back when I learned that she had published her book "Fly Girl" and she also has come out with the book, "Circle."  Syd launched a website "Fly Girl: Life In The Skies" and she can be followed on Twitter as well!  I highly recommend …


This past Friday, the world was informed media wide of the passing of famous and most talented actor and artist, Leonard Nemoy. We all spent a lot of time with Mr. Nemoy, fans especially, even if it was looking at him from behind a big canvas or television screen.  Personally, I remember going with my family to the movie theatres back in the 80s for the Star Trek Movie Series.  From time to time, I would catch the earlier television shows late at night.  We watched the movies religiously as soon as they appeared on the big screen, just as everyone else. Nemoy's most famous trademark was, is, and always will be the hand gesture which originates back to the Holy Temple of Jerusalem when the High Priests would give their blessings of peace to the Israelites.  People think of the hand gesture as being Vulcan, but it is actually - Jewish.  Being proud of his Jewish background, Nemoy chose that very hand gesture and those same sentiments that would be blessed to many people, as  a refl…