This past Friday, the world was informed media wide of the passing of famous and most talented actor and artist, Leonard Nemoy.
We all spent a lot of time with Mr. Nemoy, fans especially, even if it was looking at him from behind a big canvas or television screen.  Personally, I remember going with my family to the movie theatres back in the 80s for the Star Trek Movie Series.  From time to time, I would catch the earlier television shows late at night.  We watched the movies religiously as soon as they appeared on the big screen, just as everyone else.
Nemoy's most famous trademark was, is, and always will be the hand gesture which originates back to the Holy Temple of Jerusalem when the High Priests would give their blessings of peace to the Israelites.  People think of the hand gesture as being Vulcan, but it is actually - Jewish.  Being proud of his Jewish background, Nemoy chose that very hand gesture and those same sentiments that would be blessed to many people, as  a reflection of those same wishes and sentiments.
In his last statement on Twitter, he tweeted:
"A life is like a garden. 
Perfect moments can be had,
but not preserved,
except in memory. 
He is very right.  Live life for each moment and cherish the great memories.  We come in this world, each of us, for a purpose.  We fulfill them with flying colors, then once they are fulfilled, we leave, whether we choose to stay or not.  Our legacies, however, will live on in memory.
A scene that will forever live in many people's minds..:
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His asset, memory, and the legacy he left will live long and prosper.
Mr. Nemoy,
Thank you for the many years and your many talents.  Your contributions to the entertainment industry and the artistic community were, are, and their legacy, paramount.  May your soul raise to the highest levels and rest peacefully in the Garden of Eden, while your family, friends, and fans be comforted as those in Jerusalem and Zion.


  1. So sad, and thank you for the tribute! We were doing the Nemoy salute last night!
    Such a beautiful post!!!

  2. Thank you so much Karlene. He will be sorely missed. Thank you for your comment!!

  3. "If there was so much at stake, Spock would have found a way!” RIP Leonard Nimoy

    1. I love that quote... Thank you for stopping by and paying your respects! LLAP


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