Taking Off

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can not do."
 - Walter Bagehot

Every person has had someone in their lifetime, at least once, tell them that they can not do or become something.  An astronaut.  A pilot.  A student not that great in 7th grade Math wanting to be an accountant.  This has happened to me personally several times.  I am here to say, that I was able to have the pleasure of showing that person that yes, I was able to become what I am today whether or not they knew or not the price in which I had to pay in order to reach that mark.

As the well known aviation quote goes, "When everything/one is going against you, know, that an aircraft takes off going against the wind."

Having people in your life that make it a point to bring out your faults is actually a major blessing.  They give us the fuel to go against them and attain the pleasure of saying to them, "Yes, I can."

Many people have many backgrounds in life.  To have someone, and their attached ego, who feel the need to tell us things that they think we didn't already know about ourselves, to tell us that we will never be able to do something, gives us the fuel to do so.  Take that opportunity and prove them wrong.  It feels soooo good.

I hope that everyone's week finds them with nothing but jet fuel and success.


  1. Jeremy, This is amazing and so true. I live by these words.
    I was told I could not be a pilot because I was a girl. Then they said I could not fly for a career, because the only way was in the military and I couldn't go there because I was a girl. They said that I could not have a family and a career too. Then they said I could not write a book for men, women, pilots, non-pilots... They said I couldn't have a full time job and go back to school...

    However, I am type rated pilot on 7 aircraft, fly for Delta, have 3 grown daughters and 7 grandkids, and 2 novels in print for men, women, pilots and non-pilots. I have 2 masters and working on my PhD.
    Now they say I cannot make the industry safer and challenge the paradigm of where the automated industry is headed... I say, "Just watch me!"
    I love this! And... will add this quote to my blog!!
    Jeremy, Thank you for being part of the team! And... for sharing this journey with your readers.

    1. Karlene, thank you so much for such a great comment. Your background and story when you were a girl is a prime example of this. Especially being an international pilot with a career and family. To have those type ratings and not to mention have three outstanding books out on the market to share this message, "Yes you can." You will change this industry and make it safer so that future pilots will come in to something very good and make change for those pilots who are already in the industry. And yes, "Just watch me" is a great thing to always think about when people tell us that we are unable to do something and be what we aspire to be. Once again thank you for stopping by, sharing the link, and your story/comment!!


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