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Book Your Flight

We all look for a getaway.  Sometimes we need a break from family, friends, or most of all - from reality.  Some of us go to work to escape our home lives.  Some escape our work lives by staying home or going on a vacation.  And then, some, never have to escape from reality because they are "living the dream" already.
One of the best and most cost effective ways to escape from reality is not to book a costly vacation, but take a flight away from reality without traveling more than a mile from home.  I am talking about finding your favorite book, a quiet spot, and your favorite eats or drinks to go along with it.  Or perhaps, your favorite music while reading.  It's your getaway and you can do anything you want with it.
I have personally picked five authors below as they have the power to not only take us from reality but also face it at the same time to help us transform our perception of it.  To make reality better, less painful.  Safer.  More aware.  To pay tribute to…

Second to the Right

Last week, I mentioned that building bridges and establishing new relationships were one of the major keys to success.  One example of this happened in the underground of Penn Station, New York City, on the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) heading back to Long Island on a cold December evening. Having had one of the most exhausting and stressful days of my life  - an absurdly crowded train was the last thing I needed.  Little did I know, things changed, the impossible day, ended with endless possibilities.
A young gentleman appeared in the train, walked down the aisle, and asked me if the (literally) only empty seat which happened to be next to mine in the train car was taken.  I wasn't one to deny anyone of a seat and was more than glad to offer the seat, (especially being he had an enormous suitcase with him and I knew back then what it was like to travel heavy on crowded planes, trains, and buses.)  He sat down next to me, and after a few minutes we began to strike up a friendly con…

Fly-by Friday

Fly-by Friday, indeed.  This week flew by at supersonic speeds.   It's been crazy, but being I also posted a lot this week, I thought I would put the whole week worth of blogging into one posting for a quick wrap up and reference.
Monday, August 17th: SUCCESS was all about Success by building bridges, not burning them.Tuesday, August 18th: TUESDAY TRIVIA part II, the first Tuesday Trivia is up for grabs and if you read the comments section, you will find out what's in it for you, should you answer the SIDs and STARs correctly.  The second part, the question for this week, is from Karlene Petitt's book "Flight For Safety."  Kathryn Jacobs gives a very interesting analogy with a punch at the end.  Do you know the answer?  Click here, read the question along with the comments section, and answer correctly by replying in the comments section.  Answers are coming faster than you know it.Wednesday, August 19th: AVIATION DAY!  You all make it what it is.  From the propul…

Aviation Day 2015

Once upon a time...

Aviation started with a dream...

Which was implemented. When it was implemented, it took flight.

When that first flight happened..  That dream spread and attached itself to many other people worldwide, like splitting atoms....

Myself included...

When we acquire this dream, we will do whatever it takes to make it a reality...

I wish everyone, and I mean everyone, out there, to take a flight, if you haven't already done so.  

You will never regret it.

Aviation will never be a hobby nor a job, nor a chore.  It will be your blood which will passionately flow through your body, mind, and into your soul for the rest of your life.

And we have only those to thank. The people who inspire us to fly.... 

The pilots you have met that have told you never to give up.  The skies are only the beginning...

Always have a positive rate of climb above the weather. 
I personally want to wish everyone out there...


Trivia Tuesday II

Last week's Tuesday Trivia is still up for grabs!  Please read and answer in the comments section!
Being that I finished my second reading of Flight For Safety, I decided to make this week's trivia question based on that book.  If you haven't read it, please buy and read it.  If you already have, then this is a chance to brush up on it.
So.. the question:
In Flight For Safety, what is the analogy that was used by Kathryn between playing a piano and flying? What would have been the end result?  What was the purpose for Kathryn telling that analogy?

Answer next week, so read the book and/or refresh yourself.
Tomorrow is Wednesday, which means only one thing: this week will be over before you know it.  Have a great rest of the week and read up!
Fly safe, Jeremy.


How do you view success?  Is it tangible?  
Yes.  It is.  For some, success is the almighty dollar.  For others, it is meeting a goal, no matter how you get there, (or unfortunately, what or who you have to step on to get it.) 
(Speaking of goals, I promised that I would update everyone on my smoking, or non-smoking, goal for that matter.  I am happy to say that I have not touched a cigarette in close to five months and going strong.  (I do enjoy an occaisional bourbon and cigar once in a while on a special occasion, when I am on the ground.) 
I want to take a different flight path to the definition to success that I have learned recently which takes care of the first paragraph.
Success is:
Building Relationships
Positive relationship building is one of the foundations of daily life and costs you nothing, both money and time.  Relationship building is not only important in business, but also in your daily life.  Taking a second to go out of your way to say hello to someone, to introduce yo…

Tuesday Trivia

Why on Earth should yet another Tuesday slip by without a Tuesday Trivia?
So, as stated on Twitter last night, it's good to know your instruments, SIDs, and STARs, because, like life, air traffic can be chaotic, and needs to have a system in place.  

For some this may be foreign, for others, a sinch, but I thought I would throw this one out there:
Listed are some SIDs and STARs.  Some airports they lead in and out of are big, some are small.  Some SIDs and STARs have numbers, some don't.  Some are local to you.  Some are overseas.  Which airports do they match up with? (Airports/fields not included.)  What do the numbers mean?
WYNDE6PISTNMAGGI3 CAMRN4MELONDIRTY2 BIBAXGLASR9SADDE6SIRON Ok, that's all for now.  Answers to come later.  Have a great hump day tomorrow and make it an awesome one!