Fly-by Friday

Fly-by Friday, indeed.  This week flew by at supersonic speeds.   It's been crazy, but being I also posted a lot this week, I thought I would put the whole week worth of blogging into one posting for a quick wrap up and reference.

  • Monday, August 17th: SUCCESS was all about Success by building bridges, not burning them.
  • Tuesday, August 18th: TUESDAY TRIVIA part II, the first Tuesday Trivia is up for grabs and if you read the comments section, you will find out what's in it for you, should you answer the SIDs and STARs correctly.  The second part, the question for this week, is from Karlene Petitt's book "Flight For Safety."  Kathryn Jacobs gives a very interesting analogy with a punch at the end.  Do you know the answer?  Click here, read the question along with the comments section, and answer correctly by replying in the comments section.  Answers are coming faster than you know it.
  • Wednesday, August 19th: AVIATION DAY!  You all make it what it is.  From the propulsion engineers, interior/aircraft designers, to the pilots and cabin crew.  You are why I take to the skies.
  • Friday, August 21st: 

It wouldn't be a Friday without a Friday Foto:

Have a great weekend, everyone and be sure to read up for Tuesday Trivia!  

Fly safe,



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