How do you view success?  Is it tangible?  

Yes.  It is.  For some, success is the almighty dollar.  For others, it is meeting a goal, no matter how you get there, (or unfortunately, what or who you have to step on to get it.) 

(Speaking of goals, I promised that I would update everyone on my smoking, or non-smoking, goal for that matter.  I am happy to say that I have not touched a cigarette in close to five months and going strong.  (I do enjoy an occaisional bourbon and cigar once in a while on a special occasion, when I am on the ground.) 

I want to take a different flight path to the definition to success that I have learned recently which takes care of the first paragraph.

Success is:

Building Relationships

Positive relationship building is one of the foundations of daily life and costs you nothing, both money and time.  Relationship building is not only important in business, but also in your daily life.  Taking a second to go out of your way to say hello to someone, to introduce yourself, meeting people, networking.  If you take a bird's eye view of the society, you will see that there are people who are indeed extremely financially successful, however, if you take a look at and track how many successful relationships they have, or better yet, don't have, one will see how successful they truly are.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse 7 NOV 1940
Have you ever heard someone say, "never burn bridges?"  Yes, there are bridges out there that were never meant to be built in the first place.  Life has taught me that lesson a very hard way, unfortunately.  But that statement holds true.  Never burn a bridge, keep your enemies close.  Didn't you know that your worst enemies could become your best friends and vice-versa?  While I hope best friends never become worst enemies, there is a solution for that and also building new friendships.  Anyone who has been married for a while will tell you that relationships take commitment, hard work, Keyword: SACRIFICE.

Rebuilt Tacoma Narrows, along to a new addition - it's new companion.

My final words to you this Monday:
  • Build Bridges
  • Enhance and Add To Them
  • Repair The Broken Ones
  • Cherish The Ones Youve Already Have
  • Strive To Build As Many More As Possible
  • Retain Them by Follow-Up
  • Dedicate Them By Showing Loyalty

Flying the Hudson Corridor over the Verrazano–Narrows Bridge
Success is not easy and wasn't meant to be.  Like I stated before: commitment, sacrifice, and dedication will help things come into fruititon.  For that, not only will you be successful, it will lead to success in many other areas of your life.

Learn more about how you can be successful by reading "Flight To Success" by Karlene Petitt.  You will learn a lot from this book.  You don't have to be a pilot to read it.  You don't have to be in sales and marketing to read it.  This book applies to everyone.

The Mighty Mackinaw Bridge which connects the upper and much larger lower peninsula of the state of Michigan.

Have an amazing Monday everyone!

Cheers to a great week ahead,


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