Tuesday Trivia

Why on Earth should yet another Tuesday slip by without a Tuesday Trivia?

So, as stated on Twitter last night, it's good to know your instruments, SIDs, and STARs, because, like life, air traffic can be chaotic, and needs to have a system in place.  

For some this may be foreign, for others, a sinch, but I thought I would throw this one out there:

Listed are some SIDs and STARs.  Some airports they lead in and out of are big, some are small.  Some SIDs and STARs have numbers, some don't.  Some are local to you.  Some are overseas.  Which airports do they match up with? (Airports/fields not included.)  What do the numbers mean?

  1. WYNDE6
  2. PISTN
  3. MAGGI3
  4. CAMRN4
  5. MELON
  6. DIRTY2
  7. BIBAX
  8. GLASR9
  9. SADDE6
  10. SIRON
Ok, that's all for now.  Answers to come later.  Have a great hump day tomorrow and make it an awesome one!


  1. I have insider knowledge, so I'm not going to answer. But... GREAT question. Will tweet! If someone gets them all, I'll send them a copy of Flight To Success.

    1. Karlene, no worries! I am going to let everyone ponder this for a while, being that there are many to figure out. I will also spread the word about FTS! Thank you so much for commenting and have an awesome weekend ahead!!


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