Happy September!

So, the answers to the previous weeks' trivia questions:

SIDs (Standard Instrument Departure)s:
  • DIRTY2 (Hartsfield-Jackson/Atlanta - ATL/KATL)
  • PISTN (Detroit Metro/ - DTW/KDTW)
London - LA - Auckland

STARs (Standard Terminal Arrival)s:
  • WYNDE6 (Chicago O'Hare - ORD/KORD)
  • MAGGI3 (Honolulu Int'l - HNL/PHNL)
  • CAMRN4 (Kennedy Int'l/NYC  - JFK/KJFK)
  • MELON (Narita Int'l/Tokyo - NRT/RJAA)
  • BIBAX (DeGaulle Int'l/Paris - CDG/LFPG)
  • GLASR9 (Seattle-Tacoma/SeaTac Int'l - SEA/KSEA)
  • SADDE6 (Los Angeles Int'l - LAX/KLAX)
  • SIRON (Ben Gurion Int'l/Tel Aviv - TLV/LLBG)

And.... the answer to the trivia question from Karlene Petitt's sequel thriller, "Flight For Safety":

In "Flight For Safety", Kathryn Jacobs persuades her boss, Mr. Santos at the FAA, to accept her training proposal indicating that more hours isn't necessarily the answer to the training solution.  It's the quality of those hours with the fact that pilots are fulfilling the required hours only on automation and not actually training through real life strategies to real life (unfortunate,  aviation catastrophe) situations where pilots didn't know how to fly beyond the auto-pilot.  Pilots need to learn how to fly planes, not to be computer programmers.

So, the difference between playing a piano and flying a plane:

Kathryn states:

       "Imagine you were taught how to play the piano.  You learned your notes well enough to get through a song, but ninety percent of your piano training was learning how to program a player piano.  Then you went on tour and all you had to do for years was know how to program that piano.  Then one day, your piano player broke, but you still had to play the concert.  Could you do it?"

As she went to open the door to leave his office, she then continued to tell him, 

"I forgot to mention, if you don't play that concert to perfection, you and 300 people in the audience will die."

* * * * * * * 

So, taking a breather from trivia, however, I will ask one thing from you who are Twitter users:

Zach Neuman is a candidate with Wildwood Publishers based out of Melbourne, Australia to have his new novel "Second to the Right" published.

You can vote for Zach and his new novel be entered into a sweepstakes to win a free auto-graphed copy of his novel by tweeting the following:

 " is the origin story Peter Pan deserves. Using the source material, you'll see how it could have happened."

Second to the Right can also be purchased as an e-book on iBooks (great news for Apple fans!) and on the right hand side of this site!  Links are also included here.

Once again, congratulations to Zach and Happy September to everyone!

Fly safe,



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