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It's been about four months since my last post to this blog, however, when you get about eight million people and squeeze them all into a 10 mile radius, you get NYC.  A place where life never stops getting busier and busier.  
This is the first time, literally where I have a moment to sit and take a breath and look back on the past 14 years and 5 months it has been.  Then the cleaning, the packing, the goodbyes to dear friends that have been such an integral part of my stay there.  
Originally, I was supposed to drive here last Sunday, but I was taught in a very stressful way that I was not meant to drive but fly.  The car rental company, Enterprise, was my first big headache as they would only take certain forms of payment despite the fact I had my costs covered on one of my credit cards.  After they lost my business I had only one other option: get a moving company to come take my possessions and to book an airline ticket out.  Thank you for Kyle State 2 State Movers in Clifto…