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Good Sunday, dear readers:
I feel a jet blast from the past as I sit at my keyboard typing this as I have neglected this site for way to long.  I thank each and everyone of you for hanging in there with me as a lot has happened since I last posted.
As I reflect on 2015 and move on to 2016, I remember what last year brought to me and took away from me at the same time.  Events, and especially people.  The beginning of 2015 opened a new door for me as I relocated from NYC to Grand Rapids, Michigan on January 29th.  I will admit, even though I was born, raised, and lived in the Midwest for quite some time, it was an ultra culture shock re-experiencing life in the Midwest.  I had lived in NYC for 15 years, and quite frankly, having lived there for the span of time, it was a major adjustment for me coming back to the midwest.  I left friends and "framily" (non-blood related family) behind to be with my family.
I do miss NYC tremendously, but that doesn't mean that I don't po…