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Symphony of Words

It all started with "Flight For Control" a novel which, like a great piece of music or art, captivated its audience from day one.  It brought so many great characters to life which carried both a message and a mission through an immaculate symphony of words.  The message: we have an industry in turmoil and we need it to change.  "Flight Control" is the first movement of this vast symphony of words and ideas.

The second movement of this symphony of words, "Flight For Safety" explained one of the foundations of the challenges we face in the aviation industry: safety and training, or lack thereof.  The passages give accounts of stories which are fiction, in essence, however, if you have looked at the unfortunate headlines in real life for the past two decades and beyond, you will see that, as the author Karlene Petitt states it, "fiction mirrors truth."

One of my favorite parts of the second movement, "Flight For Safety", is the analogy tha…

Children's Museum of Central Oregon

The Fountain of Youth

I'm a big believer of, not only the arts and sciences, but also helping to build a community with a cause - especially when it looks to our future, our young ones.
Kayla Wopschall, Ph.D, the daughter of my good friend, Karlene Petitt, is planting the seeds as she has set the foundation for the Children's Museum of Central Oregon in Bend.
As stated on Twitter: "We are so excited to work with the Central Oregon community to open a Children's Museum. A place for our youngest citizens to imagine, explore and create."
And with this, to educate and to create a sense of self, identity, and to explore options of what interests them.  To imagine the unimaginable.   For this, they will come to explore different areas of interests, which will create a guiding path to career choices.
The CMCO is also to be there:
"as a resource for families of all types to grow and learn together."
With every adventure - comes a goal.  This goal wi…

Jane Little

This week, the world of classical music and community of orchestra bassists, myself included, pay tribute to not only a very special lady with a very special birthday, but also a milestone that is hitting a very high note with the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest professional tenure with a single ensemble.
This ensemble, one of my very favorites, The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, spread the news all over social media that the Assistant Principal Bassist Emeritus, and Atlanta, Georgia native, Jane Little, is celebrating the completion of her 71st year/season with the ASO as she celebrates her 87th birthday this week.  She will be the first person to have held a position with an orchestra for such a time.  She was under the direction of many special and talented directors such as Igor Stravinsky, Aaron Copland, Sir John Barbirolli, and Yoel Levi.
When you have a passion, you show commitment, and she is a prime example of this.  She truly is an inspiration to us as she is quite…