Children's Museum of Central Oregon


The Fountain of Youth

Image Credit: Kayla Wopschall, Children's Museum of Central Oregon

I'm a big believer of, not only the arts and sciences, but also helping to build a community with a cause - especially when it looks to our future, our young ones.

Kayla Wopschall, Ph.D, the daughter of my good friend, Karlene Petitt, is planting the seeds as she has set the foundation for the Children's Museum of Central Oregon in Bend.

As stated on Twitter:
"We are so excited to work with the Central Oregon community to open a Children's Museum. A place for our youngest citizens to imagine, explore and create."

And with this, to educate and to create a sense of self, identity, and to explore options of what interests them.  To imagine the unimaginable.   For this, they will come to explore different areas of interests, which will create a guiding path to career choices.

The CMCO is also to be there:

"as a resource for families of all types to grow and learn together."

With every adventure - comes a goal.  This goal will help open the package to plant those seeds.  It us up to us to help make this happen, because our future depends on it.  Visit CMCO's Kickstarter Page  to find out how you can help open the package to plant these seeds for this summer's camps and classes.  Investing in our youth will be an investment of not only our future, but an investment of a lifetime.

Another mention, is to Karlene's new children's book, which can now be ordered off of her blogsite:

The artwork of this book was designed by Kayla and all the proceeds from the purchase of this book will go to benefit the Children's Museum of Central Oregon.  This book is an "ABC Book" that promotes self-identity and career choices for children. 

Please visit and follow the following social media sites for more information for the 
Children's Museum of Central Oregon:

Thank you so much and have an awesome Monday!



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