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Mistake of Fear

I came across a great quote today:
"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continuously fearing that you will make a mistake."

Fear inhibits making mistakes, which in turn, inhibits us from learning.  Learning from our mistakes inhibits us from growing and succeeding.  It's all a chain reaction in the circle of life.  
Never fear.  If you make a mistake, think of it is an opportunity.  Not only for learning, but also succeeding.  Make for yourself a great Thursday.  Just think... today is the home stretch and tomorrow is the touchdown for the weekend  - a time for rest for the mind, body, and spirit.


A sad day indeed.  I was originally going post about another topic today, then the news of Brussels Airport and central transit system right in the heart of the city.  (News Article).  
Thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families.  It is days like this that increase our strength to fight injustice and especially those who have no right to end another innocent human life.  In this case, many.
We stand with those who know and continue to do the right thing, to ensure order in the world, fight injustice, and those who pursue peace, not destroy it.

Kidney Cancer Awareness 2016

It's aggressive and lethal.  Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) a.k.a Kidney Cancer has claimed the lives of many worldwide.  The American Cancer Society's numbers for 2016 report 62,700 plus new cases will occur (39,650 in men, 23,050 in women.)
There are many theories and risk factors as to why patients are diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma, some of them being:
Smoking. Obesity. Taking substantial amounts of OTC (over the counter) medications/NSAIDS. Substantial sodium solvent intakes e.g., "Alka Seltzer" for sinus/headaches. Exposure to chemicals such as asbestos, cadmium, etc. Various Inherited Conditions.
Even though my late father smoked, his oncologists informed us after their research that the main culprits of his diagnosis were large sodium deposits and his exposure to fuel fumes and other chemicals during his time in the Air Force during Vietnam.  The cigarettes did play a part, but an extremely minor one in this case.

_______________________ March is Kidney Cancer Awa…

Northwest 710

It left Minneapolis fifty-six years ago on this date, landed successfully for its stop over at Chicago-Midway.  Its final destination: fifty feet underground in a snowy soy bean field near Tell City, Indiana along the banks of the Ohio River - not making its intended final destination: Miami International.  The souls of fifty-six passengers and six crew members perished that day. 

The Lockheed Electra L-188 (reg: N121US) which carried these souls disintegrated separating its on board engines to which the debris spanned the area where Indiana borders Kentucky.  Like with any crash, come theories, and according to the Civil Aeronautics Board, there were three initial theories which seem to be common first thoughts of any crash, along with pilot error - which was not the case in this investigation.
A bomb. Severe clear air turbulence. Metal fatigue.
Event Timeline
12:51 - Departed MSP 13:55 - Arrived at MDW 14:25 - Aircraft was refueled and ready to continue to MIA. 14:38 - Aircraft took off fr…

Economical Airbus

I am not ashamed to admit that I am not and never will be a "fan boy."  If it has a pair of wings and lifts, I love it unconditionally.  From Embraer, to Cessna, to the Boeing, to Gulfstream, to Cirrus, to Fokker, to Airbus, big or small, fast or not so fast - I am an equal opportunity aviation fan geek.  I love all aircraft.  If you fly for an airline, or plan to, your company may or many not give you a choice in the matter.  You fly what you are paid to or what is available.  What happens if you are a passenger and your airline decides to make a last minute plane change from an A330 to a 787 and there are no more flight options to your destination for the day?


Airbus Industries has been a pioneer in (European) commercial aviation since it's first days on many levels.  While America dominated the aviation market for quite some time, (this is debatable by many), the documentary below that I saw last night (trying to avoid the dominating political c…


Fear is something which can impair you from enjoying life, taking risks, and accomplishing your goals.  Our minds will lead us to believe anything negative about ourselves, our life experiences, and others.

It's easier said than done to overcome fear, however, if you keep the above in mind, this will be a good start.  Just think of those who were once afraid to fly, and are currently pilots operating aircraft that they've always dreamed of flying and beautiful destinations that they've always dreamed of flying to.  Keep your head above the clouds and don't be afraid of anything

I plan to expand this topic for another post, however, for now, I wish each and everyone of you a great rest of the week!

Two of a Kind

I dedicate this Friday Foto to two pilots who have been tremendous influences in my life.  Both of these pilots have been my flight instructors in every sense of the term.  They both have taught me so much in the world of aviation, and beyond, both inside the flight deck and out and have been such an integral part of my life's decisions.
Most of all, they are not afraid to stand up to injustice and do what is right in the world.  For that, I can never stop looking at all of their accomplishments which give me the motivation to create my own.
And with these words, I present to you this week's:

FRIDAY FOTO with Robert Keleti & Karlene Petitt

You both keep up the great work and inspiring many!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Book Review: Flight For Survival

To Y.S.,
We never know loss until we unexpectedly loose those who are close to and valued us so much.  Even though you are no longer with us on this Earth, you have earned your wings and with four radiant stripes, flying the heavens above as an angel, free of pain and suffering, knowing that you've helped and brought joy and happiness to the lives of so many people in their darkest of times.  Your memory and legacy for standing up for what is right will never be forgotten.


"Flight For Survival" by Karlene Petitt

We live in a time where the unimaginable becomes reality.  Imagine finding ourselves on board a Boeing 777 two years ago as of this date, March 8th, to which its fate was sealed before it even left the ground.  Passengers who once entrusted their lives to the ones flying them, now are truly afraid to fly - looking for answers, none to be found.  Most importantly, the victims' families are in unspeakable pain looking for the same answe…

Only Time Will Tell

"If you want something you never had...
      You have to do something you've never done..."

Last night at midnight, I finished writing the 38th Chapter of my life.  Today I started to write Chapter 39.  Thinking positively, I am now almost half way through the novel titled "Life."  One of the factors of life is decision making and being sure that the decisions you make are the right ones.  We all have and experience self doubt when making decisions, especially life changing ones. 
One thing I have to keep in mind, is that whatever decision I make or risk I take, it is the right one, even if it deviates me off the course of my goals - because in the end, it will get me there eventually.
Now that I am in the point of my life that I choose to sit back and take an assessment,, (and doing just that),  What risks I have taken and vow to myself that I will never stop taking risks.  Some risks do not work out the way we want, but time will tell, which risks pay off.  Timi…