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Book Review: Flight For Survival

To Y.S.,
We never know loss until we unexpectedly loose those who are close to and valued us so much.  Even though you are no longer with us on this Earth, you have earned your wings and with four radiant stripes, flying the heavens above as an angel, free of pain and suffering, knowing that you've helped and brought joy and happiness to the lives of so many people in their darkest of times.  Your memory and legacy for standing up for what is right will never be forgotten.


Karlene Petitt

We live in a time where the unimaginable becomes reality.  Imagine finding ourselves on board a Boeing 777 two years ago as of this date, March 8th, to which its fate was sealed before it even left the ground.  Passengers who once entrusted their lives to the ones flying them, now are truly afraid to fly - looking for answers, none to be found.  Most importantly, the victims' families are in unspeakable pain looking for the same answers and nothing but to have their loved ones back in their arms both at once and at last.  It would be the Airbus oceanic crash all over again, but on a much more different level and a much different airplane.

Drones, the sign of which NextGen has landed, yet, continues to soar to all new heights with ever new threats appearing over the horizon.  Airplanes continue to disappear and crash no matter if it was a Boeing or an Airbus.  The world is a scary and uncertain place - just like the truth.

In the midst of all, Darby Bradshaw, an experienced pilot with the Boeing family who once had four stripes, continues to fly the skies once again as a junior first officer on reserve for Global's Airbus A330 fleet fighting all the elements that are going against her both inside the flight deck and beyond.  If her training blog didn't land her a trip to the Chief Pilot's Office too many times, then her proposed two million dollar contract with perks (to start) from a publishing company for her book "Fight For Safety: Inside The Iron Bubble" would.  Her contract celebration, especially with her new found love, was cut short as scheduling assigned her for a multi-legged trip to depart within hours.  Her only saving grace was to attempt sleep deadheading to assignment departure city. 

Kathryn "Kat" Jacobs, has stepped up in position with the FAA and there is a scare that former Coastal Airlines Captain and Kathryn's ex-husband, Bill Jacobs, who is serving multiple life terms in prison for his evil attempt to fix the industry is suspected of being behind the crash scenes in the novel.  Bill does come back into the story in some scary scenes which left chills up and down my spine imagining his evil, demonized eyes, and you will not believe what he has been up to in prison despite his charming, flattering, and helpful personality with the officers and cell mates.  Will he consider that his twin daughters were on one of those planes this time or will he sink to the lowest core of evil?

Kathryn's twin daughters, along with Jackie, John (Kathryn's former boss with the NTSB), Linda, and her new "doctor love", all come back - and for good reason.  This novel is a true test of survival and you need the friends you love and care about to be there for you when life is on the brink of ending.  One powerful lesson I have learned from this novel is cherish your family and friends every moment you can.  Despite our busy lives, stay in touch as much as you can, because their last moments could be upon us - especially, like stated above, in a world where the unimaginable is coming to reality.  We can only handle so much at a time.  A true test of survival, especially in the world known as commercial aviation.

If you thought you couldn't put "Flight For Control" and "Flight For Safety" down, Karlene Petitt has taken this novel along with the mystery and suspense to an all new flight level with wind shear beating from all directions.  The author has taken this novel, less alone the whole series, to put new meaning to the aviation industry and what it means to put your "life on the line."  How far will you go to stand up to injustice and fight for what you believe in?  

This novel, this series, as I've stated before, is a symphony of words with a powerful message.  Words are one thing, action is another.  "Flight For Survival" is a true novel written about factors such as: substance addiction, fatigue, mental health, aircraft operations, maintenance, nextGen, and putting safety into words taking action before our very eyes.  Now it is up to us, as pilots, as student pilots, as cabin crew, as passengers, and as human beings, who value life, to not only try to make it out alive, but also to save what and who we are so passionate about before its too late.


Words can not thank you enough, Karlene, since I first contacted you on Twitter from the very location where I am sitting, typing this post now.  For your loyal friendship, encouragement, and your support in every endeavor I have chosen to take head on.   I am rest assured I am not the only one with these same thoughts.  Thank you for having me along for the flight of a lifetime not only for the "Flight For" series but your other inspirational books and thoughtful words and actions.  Cheers to many more years of long life, happiness, and success that we all will share together with you in one place all together.

Karlene Petitt is a novelist and thirty-five year veteran of the aviation industry as a commercial airline transport pilot (ATP).  Her type rates span across the Boeing family: 727, 737, 757/767, 747, 747-400 and is type rate for the Airbus A330 to which she currently operates for a world renown international airline.  She operated and instructed for eight different airlines spanning the Western Hemisphere.  She holds both a MBA, MHS, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Aviation Safety.  A mother of three, and grandmother of seven, she currently resides and is based in Seattle, Washington.

You can also purchase this novel and Karlene's other works Flight For Control and Flight For Safety as well as her motivation and children's book as an autographed copy via her website Flight To Success.  All hardback, paperback, and electronic forms can be purchased on Amazon.  Once purchased on her website or Amazon, please feel free to leave your review on Amazon. 


  1. Jeremy, words cannot say thank you for this review. Absolutely beautiful.
    Ironically the prologue was based on my vision of what happened on that fateful night, and here we are on that date. There is no good ending to that story, as there isn't with any crash.

    When an accident happens on the page in a novel we can feel our character's pain, laugh at the humanness, and cry for their loss. But in the end, when the book is done, we place it on a shelf and go on with our life. But the loved ones of those people who were needlessly lost in a crash cannot put their story on a shelf. They have to find a way to go on.

    This story was designed to make you laugh, think, cry, and sigh. But to always remember, there is hope when we have Kathryn and Darby on the team!

    Thank you always for your continued support!!

    1. Karlene, thank you so much for your comment as it is beautifully put. I especially want to point out my agreement that yes, once we finish the book, we go on with life. (Inexplicably, I don't know why, but I think about the crew and passengers on board the A330 in 2009 every single day.) Novels definitely have a profound effect on its readers, and yours definitely have that effect especially with Kathryn and Darby! My pleasure as always!!

  2. This is the author's third novel and it is a wonderful story of the people who care about our safety in the skies. Love it and would recommend to anyone thinking of a career in aviation or someone just looking for a good novel. I'm a commercial pilot and facts are all true.


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