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I am not ashamed to admit that I am not and never will be a "fan boy."  If it has a pair of wings and lifts, I love it unconditionally.  From Embraer, to Cessna, to the Boeing, to Gulfstream, to Cirrus, to Fokker, to Airbus, big or small, fast or not so fast - I am an equal opportunity aviation fan geek.  I love all aircraft.  If you fly for an airline, or plan to, your company may or many not give you a choice in the matter.  You fly what you are paid to or what is available.  What happens if you are a passenger and your airline decides to make a last minute plane change from an A330 to a 787 and there are no more flight options to your destination for the day?


Airbus Industries has been a pioneer in (European) commercial aviation since it's first days on many levels.  While America dominated the aviation market for quite some time, (this is debatable by many), the documentary below that I saw last night (trying to avoid the dominating political coverage on TV), portrays how several European nations came together to build the successful company that it is today and made a huge impact on markets worldwide with their economical strategies and their relationships with their customers..  Not only market impacts, but also advances in manufacturing and technology.  And now they've spread their locations across the world - including, as we all know, the U.S. plant in Mobile, AL.

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If you have some time to spare, haven't seen it, or would rather not watch the politics on T.V., I highly recommend that you watch the above video - even though it's not a recent one.

I personally find it interesting that the roles of big versus fast, Boeing versus Airbus, reversed in the long run.  Before you say, "Scarebus" or "if it's not a Boeing, I'm not going" see, learn, and understand where this company came from and what they are striving for - I am pretty sure it's not to make an unpleasant flight experience for pilots, crew, and passengers.  Education, training, and understanding the backbone of all aircraft manufacturers, such as Airbus, and their missions to enhance the aviation industry, will  be a start to solve the misconceptions about any manufacturer from across the industry.


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