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Into That Fateful Night

As of tonight, when most of the Western Hemisphere will be sleeping, yet another year will mark the fateful crash of reg: F-GZCP, an Airbus A330-203 operating as Air France flight 447 which developed ice crystallization within it's pitot tubes causing a loss of data/automation to the aircraft.  As a result of many (SMS: Safety Systems Management, CRM: Crew Resource Management, TEM: Threat and Error Management) factors, the A330 entered into a high altitude aerodynamic stall amidst a tropical thunderstorm over the mid-South Atlantic ocean en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris-DeGaulle.  The souls of 226 passengers and 12 crew left the plane, grew angelic wings, and flew to heavenly altitudes.  As time passes, this event tends to regretfully slip the mind of some.  For others, a day does not go by where Air France 447 doesn't slip the mind for even a second.  For the victims' families, after seven years now from when the unexpected and unimaginable occurred, I still can no…