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A World of Confidence

This month and year marks twenty years since I first sat foot on an airplane.

Even though it wasn't a 172 intro, it had just as some of the most amazing experiences as a 172 intro would.  It was on a red, white, and grey Boeing 747 and flying on my first international trip.  The first destination was scary to me as I've never traveled there before and the language was one that I never learned nor grew up with.  The comforting thought was the fact that almost everyone there speaks English.

Even though I was traveling with a group throughout Mediterranean coastal Europe, we had moments where we were split up and we were on our own.  I didn't find this problematic in the south of France, as I was the only one in the group who was a French speaker, this was a challenge for me in Italy.  And, a good majority of this trip was spent there as well as Spain.  

If you ever want to test your confidence as a human being, visit a foreign country for the first time not knowing the first word of the language spoken there.  I will say as an undergrad Foreign Language major, you may think that you know the language perfectly, however, when you go out into the street, it is a whole different world.  Apart of the language is reflected in the culture of the society of that country.  You may learn a lot via Rosetta Stone and DuoLingo (the foreign language app available on both via the App Store and Google Play), the best way to learn is spending an immersion year in that country and/or having a significant other who speaks the language fluently.

[I still remember the ultimate confusion of the French exchange students at my university from Lille who kept asking my professor constantly about Americans obsessively using the world "like" in every sentence.  This was in the late 90's when this bad habit like started.  Now it is common in English to like... talk like this.  (Not.)  But the habit has been engraved and will take a lot to change it.]

Once you arrive there, you will quickly attach yourself to the folks who speak your language.  They help you learn your first phrases - instilling your confidence that you will make your needs and wants known and your willingness to learn and have a good time.  You enjoy the company of locals, taste the local cuisine with a delightful palate, and see some of the world's most beautiful sights.  

I will never forget my time in Genoa, Pisa, Assisi, Florence, the rest of Tuscany, and Rome - not to mention all of the above during my time there.  I still smell the delightful smells to this very day and can still taste the food.

I will never forget Peter, our tour guide from Genoa.  He never ceased to amaze me starting with the fact he spoke eight languages fluently and impeccably.  He truly was our Christopher Columbus taking us on many expeditions showing us the back roads as if we were locals ourselves that we never would have seen under a regular tour.  The experiences he taught us were priceless.  Not only was he our tour guide, he instilled a confidence in each and everyone of us that showed us how to experience and love the world we live in.  Because of him, I made it a point to travel abroad by myself no matter which country - because I was confident to do so.
Before the E.U. & the Euro

Every time I think about that trip it proves more and more that time flies.  Because of my experiences in both the first passenger flights and overseas trip, it instilled not only my willingness to travel abroad alone, but also my decision to go for my 172 intro to start my journey to become an international pilot.

  For those who are older and decide that you want a career change to be an international pilot, this is where confidence comes in.  It is possible.  No one can stop you.  Develop a financial flight plan without letting your budget discourage you.  If you've never been abroad before and wish to explore the world - develop a financial plan even if it means traveling with mates.  This trip I am blogging about, yes, I did have some help financing it from some graduation money, however, I paid for most of this trip by working while going to school giving violin and viola lessons.
Use those who discourage you from pursuing anything by telling you that it will never be possible due to age as jet fuel.  Develop relationships with others (pilots) who are confident and not overly confident because it could be just as detrimental as those without any.

Lack of confidence or overload of confidence will remove the power of your mental engines need to accomplish your life.  It will take away your life's lift and life will stall to an oblivion.  It is your choice to remain confident.  There is a whole chapter in Flight To Success devoted to confidence.  Read it along with the others.  Attach yourself to confident people because confidence is contagious.

Stay confident, stay in the air, and please indulge yourself in the suggested readings below.  Make yourself a successful Monday and week!

Buona Giornata!


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