Blue Skies

I was in the backyard yesterday on a beautiful West Michigan day and my iPhone sent me an alert that no one, especially a family member nor a pilot would ever want to see: "BREAKING: Blue Angels F-18 Crashes in TN.  Details to follow."

More unfortunate alerts followed that no one, especially one fatality and it was of Marine Captain Jeff Kuss.

I never had the honor to meet nor get to know Captain Kuss personally, but I will say that he was a someone to a whole lot of people: his beloved family, squadron comrades, dearest friends, and those of us who never knew him, but he brought so much enthusiasm to, to fly buy his great aero acrobatic skills.  

He fulfilled his purpose in the world as such, and now has earned his Blue Angel wings to soar the heavens above shining down on the people who he loved so much - fans included.

With these words, I present to you the Friday Fotos I was able to capture, to pay tribute and remember this remarkable fleet in his memory.  

Captain Jeff Kuss, thank you for being an outstanding Captain Aboard.

Friday Fotos
June 3rd, 2016

My sincerest condolences, thoughts, and prayers to his family, friends, and to the United States Navy Blue Angels Flight Squadron.  

Celebrate this weekend by celebrating his amazing life he flew in this world and pay tribute to his memory.



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