Lessons Learned

Being that Father's Day weekend has past, I think of the many lessons my dad taught me throughout his life here on Earth.  Not only lessons through words, but actions.  Even though I was young, I was old enough to watch dad go from being a basic cable TV installer to being a corporate auditor within a short period of time.  There were bumps along the way, but he made it.  Hard work was apart of his being.
This was only of the many action lessons that my father taught me.  It was unfortunate that he was only present for only 32 years of my life, because I wished I was there to witness his other achievements, one of them being: his service to the United States Air Force.  

He served here in the US in San Antonio, TX and Wichita, KS.  Upon my mother recently finishing Flight For Control, she told me something that I never knew about my father that he always kept a secret when he was alive:  he did actually go to Vietnam.

During my time with him, he always also taught me to be assertive, carry out initiative always, and the biggy - even though we should never say never - never assume!  (This is the only piece of advice I really give to others.)

The biggest lesson learned - if you have a relationship with your parents, spend time with your parents and learn from them.  You were brought into this world for a reason. Do not take the time you spend with them for granted.  They sacrifice their lives for you.  That in itself, is a lesson to carry over to the people you love as love is when you will sacrifice anything of or about yourself to give to another so they can enjoy life.  

My father loved his family and was a great provider in every single way.  He put a roof over our heads, food on the table, and clothes on our backs.  He took us flying and showed me what it was like to fly First Class for the first time.  He also took us on many trips on land and water as well so that he could not only show us, but gives us the world.  He went above and beyond for us as his family.  Most of all, it was the lessons above that I am just as grateful for.

Being that today is Tuesday, and lessons learned is the Tuesday topic, I will bring a Tuesday trivia question: Can you name the 16 flight lessons in Flight To Success?  

I will give one of them which happens to be one of my favorites: Remember to find humor in all situations.  It breaks tension and builds friendships.

Haven't read Flight To Success yet?  My best piece of advice, do it!  Take it to the park, the beach, or like my dad did with us, take it flying!

Have a great Tuesday!



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