Better Late Than Never

It's the first end of the month for the new year of 2017.  As the phrase goes, "better late than never."  We saw a 2016 pass us by that was turbulent with much loss.  Loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, loss of pretty much everything in between... even our sanity.  The souls we've lost could never be replaced, however, 2017 is going to bring promise because I always love to think that when we loose, we always have something better to gain in order to replace it.  Whenever there is a sunset, there will also be a sunrise.

I am personally looking forward to what 2017 will bring: high flight time, many viola practice sessions, this summer and being able to get out and enjoy nature, perhaps a trip up to Interlochen, Michigan where I used to work every summer after high school.  Out of all, I am looking forward to the optimism that 2017 will bring.  Not only how many doors are hiding behind 2017, but how many will open, because, opportunity will always be knocking.

I hope you all see a year of optimism and opportunity.  To gain as much as you can from life out of this year.  Not only to speak your dreams, but to take action to your words so that your spoken dreams can become your greatest realities.  

Thank you to all of my readers for your all of your support in 2106 and I wish each and everyone of you a successful, healthy, and optimistic 2017 ahead!



  1. Jeremy, I too am looking forward to what 2017 will bring! Health and happiness... and inspiration. We don't know why the things happen to us... but we have to believe that there is a reason. And it's up to us to live that purpose. Happy New Year my friend!

  2. Happy New Year to you, Karlene! Here's to happiness, health, inspiration, and to opening new doors! XO


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