Second To The Right

Zach Neuman

Genre: Fantasy
Rating 5 Stars

To the other orphans, it was paradise.  To David, it was a prison.  Behind the dark walls and black bars where Latin might as well have been the official language, David knew that his fate was sealed with a seal that he knew he had to break and break quickly.  He was determined to see the sunlight that was being blocked by the walls of St. Augustine's.  Father Kenneth gave him the throttle for his plan to escape - to take off.

What lay outside of those walls he was trapped behind was an unforgiving world to which he would have to learn new skills in order to survive.  Skills which in his wildest dreams he never thought he would never have to learn, nor use.

What was most enjoyable about this book is the fact that the story about David's determination relates to many aspects of some of my personal life journeys.  Some of these journeys I have written about before, others, I will leave to your imagination as to what they might be..

Second To The Right is a story of determination, and the will to do anything it takes to achieve what is your inner self.  It was once said, "You have to know where you come from in order to know where you are going."  The most exciting adventure in life is to use what we've learned through our personal struggles to go out and soar against all odds such as an airplane soaring off the ground as the head winds hit its wings.  How can you achieve?  By doing this and to believe... that anything is possible.

This novel is not only a story about an orphan who wanted nothing more than to break barriers, but also show others his capabilities and urge others to show theirs.  This book was an inspiration to me personally as I was able to reflect on personal life achievements and to use it as a tool to open my inside conscience up and think of the possibilities in which I can create new and exciting adventures.   Take this message with you into the week, if not, the months, and years ahead.

With this in mind, I wish that Zach will take his valuable time, effort, and abundant talent in which he took to write this outstanding novel and to expand, to carry on to create many more worlds, characters, and that he has already brought to us for us to escape reality and enjoy.  Most of all, I wish to thank Zach very much for taking us out of this Earth into a new world where there is not only always a way, but where there's always a way to have an unbelievable adventure.

See you in the sunlight!



  1. Jeremy, thank you for a great write up...and yes, I will be getting this book. We all need courage to break our barriers. Looking forward to the read!

    1. Good deal, Karlene! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Have a great Monday!


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