She's on her way!


It's Friday and the weekend is here.  And yes, Darby is on her way for another visit.  I see her flight on the stormy horizon which will be coming to our West Michigan mailbox soon.  A flight, we have been waiting for, for a very long time.

We are proud to say, that we've made an extra room for her in our library among the series next to "Flight For Control", "Flight For Safety", "Flight For Survival" and  next to the motivational work "Flight To Success: Be The Captain of Your Life."

Also sitting in our office library is "I Am Awesome! The ABCs of Being Me" a children's book which not only will be sitting in our office library, but in the library of some of the local elementary schools in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

"Flight for Sanity" has just been released, but to get the full effect of it, it is highly recommended to read the first three in the series.  For sure, leaving a comment of each of the novels for Karlene on Amazon is a must!  

It's the weekend and there is a lot of reading (and reviewing) to be done!  See you in the skies!




  1. Jeremy, Thank you so much! Yes... I made my post office run today. Thank you so very much for your support and your book orders, too!! I am most excited to hear what you think of the newest novel.


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