Flight For Sanity

"While it’s tempting to play it safe, the more we’re willing to risk, the more alive we are. In the end, what we regret most are the chances we never took."

Grand Rapids, Michigan
April, 2017

With seconds to go, I was making a mad dash down the concourse.  Of course my gate had to be the last one at the end.  The chances of me making the next flight out after to the concrete jungle were growing very slim.  In the distance, I could hear a small boy ask his mom, "Why is that man running?"  Barely hearing anything over the sounds of rushing blood and adrenaline, I heard the mother explain that I was running to catch a plane.

As I ran, I flew into my subconscious and thought about the times where I wish I had ran towards something, risking everything valuable in life because of something I believe in, instead running of away from something due to fear of how bad it would impact my life.   Risks that were worth taking, that I never took when I had the chances to.  The risks I did take, were not only positive learning experiences, but also made what my life is today.

At last, I found myself seated and buckled in with each breath become less labored.  A gentle and calming female voice sounded from the PA system, "Welcome aboard, everyone.  I am your Captain for this flight and I am assisted up on the deck today with First Officer..."  As the voice continued, it rest assured me that I was not only in good hands, but also within outstanding mind, and great feet that would run anywhere to take a risk.  A risk to do anything for the sake of aviation safety and to ensure that another aviation catastrophe would never happen again.

                 Captain Darby Bradshaw, this is for you.....

The Fourth Novel in a Series

Karlene Petitt

As the weather cooled, the nation became heated.  If the world didn't turn mad already, a presidential election involving a business tycoon would.  John McCallister not only found himself a potential candidate as Secretary for the Department of Transportation, but also the latest victim of a close-call aviation catastrophe.

Kathryn Jacobs puts her climbing career with the FAA in jeopardy when Darby Bradshaw, regaining her fourth stripe back flying the Boeing 757, asks Kathryn to read a safety report that she plans to submit to Global Airlines management.  The size of the report reflects its importance.  Many have advised Darby not to do it.  What risks Darby took and the airline's response to her would be enough to blow anyone's mind away and leave anyone speechless.

Every book in the "Flight For" series has connected to my personal life in many ways.  This book especially, as I took a grave risk of leaving everything behind (with everyone discouraging me) in order to move to a place where dreams are made of.  Where there is nothing you can't do.  Because of this, I did everything I set out to do.  I was able to start a new life where I made unforgettable friends, lived life to the fullest for everything I believe in, and even started flying planes in the process.  This novel leaves one with the question: how far will you run to take a risk for something you so passionately believe in when others tell you not to?

I urge everyone to read this book to find out what it is like to put everything on the line for what you believe in and wish to change.  This novel is a true lesson that anything is possible no matter how much the headwinds are coming at you with the unthinkable.  Many familiar characters re-appear for this novel and it was great to see everyone back, like old times with new suspense and adventure.  

Autographed copies of "Flight For Sanity" and the rest of the series can be purchased on the author's website.  The "Flight For" Series is also available on Amazon where it is also highly recommended to leave comments, thoughts, and reviews for the author.


Karlene Petitt is veteran of the commercial aviation industry for over thirty years, who has flown with eight airlines and has seven type ratings.  Karlene is also the author of thriller novels, and books both motivational, and children's.  Karlene is currently finishing her phD in Aviation Safety at ERAU and is currently based in LAX awaiting training on the Boeing 777.

Karlene is also a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother of eight grandchildren.  She can be reached by visiting her website "Flight To Success."


  1. Jeremy, this is an amazing post. Thank you. In that you understand the story behind the story, you get it....completely. One day the truth shall be told, and that will take another level of courage. But you can be rest assured that every time you step on an airplane that someone is fighting for your safety and attempting to do the right thing. For everyone who reads the story, they can have fun delving into the pages of adventure and thrill, knowing that the characters are fighting for truth, honesty, and justice, battling the greatest evil that lurks behind the corruption, understanding the lengths that those individuals will go, sacrificing safety, is nothing short of inhumane. Truth is scarier than fiction. Thank you for an excellent review! Be ready for Flight For Justice! Coming soon!


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