About Jeremy

Jeremy Carlisle

Founder, Chief Pilot / Publisher

 "There is so much to this world to discover. The eyes are the window to the soul and my soul is in the sky always looking upwards to climb to new levels in life. Even though I may encounter turbulence sometimes, or in most cases, a lot of times, I always not only spread my wings and fly, but flex them to resist the hard times. Please join me
in the pursuit of these new levels."

  • Aviator
  • Gen Av Pilot with New York Flight Club
  • Musician (Violist, Cellist, and Pianist)
  • Multi-Lingual (Specializing in Romance & Semitic Languages.)
  • Publisher
  • Photographer
  • Promoter
  • Avid Speedwalker, Jogger, & Tennis Player
  • Loves Animals & Nature
  • Loves and Lives To Travel Around The World. Literally...


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